Tiffany Blue Themed Wedding Ideas And Invitations- Perfect For Winter Weddings

Tiffany blue has to be one of our very favorite colors and even more so to create a perfect theme for the perfect wedding. It works wonderfully with white; light pink and lighter shades of green. This combination of colors would ideally suit a vintage beach or winter wedding. Here are a few snapshots of our favorite combinations of Tiffany blue and ideas of how to use the color in your wedding.

tiffany blue wedding carstiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

tiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

tiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

Make sure you get your favorite girls in this lush color, we think it looks great with all maids in one shade or using varied tones. Make sure the ladies are happy with the shade, as this will help you decide on how to use the color. If you feel you have an overkill of Tiffany blue then make sure you add in some soft pinks and white or add it to smart accessories to give it that pop of color as seen below on the flower girl dresses.

tifanny wedding flower girl's dress ideas

tiffany wedding cakestiffany wedding desserts & cakes

The color looks fab on mini macaroons and other petite fancies. And don’t just let the fun stop there why not add quirky accessories and table decorations to inject the color into your big day.

tiffany wedding ring ideastiffany blue wedding decorations

winter tiffany wedding ideas

simple tiffany  bags for bridesmaids

Here are some of our very own stylish and contemporary Tiffany blue designs. For more ideas and designs simply contact us and we’ll help give you ideas and information on how to use this color.

winter tiffany blue dandelion wedding invitationswinter tiffany blue dandelion wedding invitationsas low as $0.94 per

vintage tiffany blue winter wedding invitationsvintage tiffany blue winter wedding invitationsas low as $0.94 per


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