Hot Spring Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

Are you preparing for your 2014 spring wedding? If yes then pink and floral themed weddings should definitely be on your mind. Pink especially soft pink has become increasingly popular due to its fresh and naïve charm.

Brides will wow dressed head to toe in pink; pink shoes, pink flowers and pink bouquets.

pink wedding ideas

Bridesmaids and Groom’s can also join the pink club with maids in tonal pink dresses and grooms with pink accessories, such as tie, socks and boutonnieres and last but not least consider the youngsters in the wedding preparations, think how adorable your flower girl will look in pink.

pink wedding ideapink wedding

Pink ribbons will look fabulous as an amazing backdrop in your wedding ceremony, imagining exchanging vows under decadent torn ribbons. It is a sure way to make it a memorable day.

wedding trends

Cupcakes are now a wedding favorite and can easily be incorporated into the theme and it doesn’t just stop there either, pink will work great on table decorations, favors, special receptions drinks flowers which can be the main focus of the event if you want a more natural look.

cup cakewedding reception provides many elegant and affordable pink wedding invitations. All color can be customized and what’s even better is the service is absolutely free. For more information, please contact us at:



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Modern Wedding Ideas And Invitations

No matter when we spot a modern wedding, we always jump for joy for the crisp, clean design as well as the bold graphic prints. If you are also a modern bride who is planning one heck of wedding, this article is a great place to start, to get inspirations for your weddings. And maybe the best part of modern wedding is that it can easily be planned budget-friendly.

We’ve put together some cool wedding ideas suitable for modern brides. Please enjoy. 

cool bridesmaid ideas

comfortable wedding shoes

modern bridesmaid dresses

modern wedding idea

modern wedding cakes

modern wedding decor

modern wedding ideas

modern wedding photography

modern wedding table decorations

Even if you’re bucking most of the traditions, wedding etiquette can’t be ignored — especially when it comes to the invitations. Modern Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery will make your Wedding day an event to remember forever.

simple modern wedding invites

black modern wedding card

elegant wedding invites

minted modern wedding invite

modern wedding invitations



5 Great Rustic Wedding Ideas And Wedding Invitations

If you love rustic wedding ideas, this post is probably right up your alley. We are beginning this list of 5 rustic wedding must-haves with this wedding picture of the lovely bride Emma Blake and her husband.

rustic weddings

1. Consider your rustic wedding location. The ideal outdoor setting is national parks where there are lots of trees to incorporate nature into your big day. It looks amazing in your wedding photos.

rustic outdoor weddings ourdoor rustic weddings


2. You are suggested to hang a vintage rustic wedding banner at your reception. It can also be displayed at your ceremony site, dessert buffet or at your escort card table for guests to see upon entering the reception.

rustic wedding banners vintage and rustic wedding

3. Decorate your wedding cake with rustic wedding charm.

rustic wedding cake

4. Rustic wedding bouquet and and rustic table centerpieces are one of the most important wedding decorations.

rustic wedding bouquetrustic wedding flowers


5. Rustic wedding decorations are earth friendly and budget friendly. The idea of using cutton, wheat, burlap, twine, dried flowers, fruit, vegetables to decorate your wedding is brilliant!

rustic wedding rustic wedding decor

6. To match the romantic rustic wedding theme, choosing an invitation of the same theme is very important. Here are  some of the rustic wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer.

Brimming Greenery Wedding Invitations IWI221Brimming Greenery Wedding Invitations IWI221as low as $0.94

Nobby and Elegant Swirls Wedding Invitations IWI209Nobby and Elegant Swirls Wedding Invitations IWI209
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Exquisite Tree Wedding Invitation IWI218Exquisite Tree Wedding Invitation IWI218as low as $0.94

Braw Holy Land Wedding Invitations IWI227Braw Holy Land Wedding Invitations IWI227as low as $0.94


I Bet You’ll Laugh When You See The Funny Wedding Cake

Add something to make your wedding fun?Yes, why not. Plenty of funny wedding cakes are there waiting for you to choose. When the guests are gathering together to make all the guests laugh.

First one I am wondering how did the chief got the idea to make  such a cake. The bride and the groom are in danger because they are standing on the top of the cake and there are people who want to let them fall down from the top. Every  floor has different cute dolls.It might have good meaning but it is funny enough. On the bottom floor there is a plane crash. Who can tell me what happened in this story.Funny wedding cake

The groom is saving the bride from deep of the wedding cake. She fell down in the cake like in the frozen lake. For a theme of Halloween wedding for example. I am nervous. Can he save his bride successfully? Best wishes to them…It is a really good idea to make such a wedding cake.

cool wedding cake

I guess idea of this cake is from the movie “Mr.Smith&Mrs.Smith”. The bride and the groom are holding a gun. The bride is really handsome wearing the handsome short wedding dress. It is suitable for a theme wedding. If the Bride and the groom are crazy for movies they can really considering a cake like this. They will fight together because they are partners from their wedding day on.No matter what kind of difficulties they will come across in the day to come they will face together and think out ways to solve the problem. Topper can be changed to other movie stories.

funny wedding cake

Sexy topper of the wedding cake. You will understand it the time you see it. Don’t let the kids see the cake topper. It is better to prepare some other cakes for the kids.

funny wedding cake

After watching so many interesting wedding cakes I am already hungry. But we still need to see more.Lol. Next one is similar to the one above. Only different is that you have to go around to the back of the cake you can see what is interesting.They are touch each other’s…You know. Couples who want such a wedding cake should be brave enough and humorous enough.

wedding cake toppers funny

Can you figure out what it means on this wedding cake?This is from a maths teacher’s wedding. I just want to say that geeks are geeks.Geeks are everywhere.Funny wedding cake

I hope you already have got a clue of what kind of wedding cake you want.



One of A Kind Wedding Cakes

Are you tired of normal white wedding cakes with one or two or more flowers on?Although wedding cake  is for eating but as a decor it has an excuse to be stunning also.Sometimes the cake house provide kinds of wedding cakes but you still don’t have one in your heart that you will fall in love just for one glance.While now we collected some one of a kind wedding cakes for you. Each one is stunning and all of them are special.

Paununo wedding cakes are not so complicated but beautiful. Ombre colors are common seen on this kind of wedding cakes.Purple wedding cake is elegant choice. Actually white cake  with one or two orange color paununos decorateed is simple and nice. It goes well with a simple wedding with your close family members and close friends.

unique wedding cakes

Modern wedding cakes as below.

The first one is like a paint from a kid. It depends on your wedding theme. If your wedding is in out door then it is good in the nature. Or the wedding is in the garden.

The second one is a cake like a tree or like a small forest. Main color is gray and white. Just like trees in winter. Black dots are leaves on the trees. Of course actually they are made from chocolate.

Third one is covered with small white hearts. In the middle layer there is a “heart” in red and two hearts on the two sides holding the first word of the bride’s and groom’s name. It means they love each other and from the day on they are a couple they will live together and face the new life together.

The forth one is really lovely.On the pure white wedding cake there is a “line” and on the end of it there is a pink heart.Simple designed with full of love…

Similar to the forth one the fifth one also has a lovely topper.The difference is that the fifth one is a perfect combination of paununo and flower topper.

Coming to the sixth one.Not all wedding cakes are round and this one is a square one.Also designed in a simple way.

What comes to your mind when you look at he seventh one?Lol.

Eighth is elegant.What makes it special is the “beaded” decoration.

Next one is really inviting and wants to bite.

The last one is a ombre pink like rainbow wedding cake.

ombre pink like rainbow wedding cake


Romantic winter wedding inspirations and suggested winter wedding cards

Every season has its own charm, including winter. The charm of winter is the all white world,clear air and falling snow. Snow is the angel of winter. For the setting part you can take advantage of snow to make a fairy tale like wedding. Unlike weddings in spring or summer,winter is always chilly and the wedding dress should has a function to keep warm and make your more beautiful at the same time. Day time in winter is short you can think about a evening wedding ceremony instead.

First let’s take a look at some stunning winter bridal gowns.This one is not so long as walking in the snow is kinda difficult. You can wear a pair of boots. Wedding dress with the snow is all white so if you add some outstanding colors on your dress it would be really nice.

winter wedding dress

You can either wear a long black jacket or wind coat.Two bold colors will make your both handsome and beautiful.

winter bridal gown

If the place where your wedding will be is under a snow mountain it’s better.Walking on the snow and listen to the sound how lovely it is. Here you can find some souvenir for your wedding.Also the guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery.Pine trees in winter are really nice. Strongly recommend you hold a wedding ceremony in a far away place with pure snow to enjoy the peace.

Wedding bouquet. Green or red wedding bouquet for a winter wedding is absolutely right. The color will be more outstanding in the white setting. To work with the color of your bouquet you can make your hairstyle with the same color.I am crazy for green wedding bouquet in winter. Green is the color of new life.Winter is the season to hold all your strength and wait for the spring comes. Get married is a symbol that you are having a new life. You are not only yourself from that day on and you’ve got a family to love,a mate to keep company of.

romantic winter wedding

Dreamy wedding setting.Not so bright not so dark just proper to have a romantic and quiet wedding. “Snow” was piled up around the “tree”.The trees made an aisle for you and your mate. How romantic to walk down the dreamy aisle. Isn’t it what you want from a little girl? To be a princess and now you are a real princess.

Trees with snow covered in the house.Suitable for a buffet decoration and cocktail party decor.

We cannot forget the wedding invitations.Snow flake and snow mountains themed wedding invitations are commonly seen.But they are not the only choices. Blue or white invitations are good choices. Check for the cheap winter wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer if you are planning a romantic winter wedding.

Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228as low as $0.94

Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091as low as $0.94


Halloween Wedding Ideas

As Halloween is a special festival people can have fun and show your creativity ability. Nowadays lots of people would like to have a Halloween wedding to celebrate the festival and at the same time take advantage of the festival to make their wedding special enough to get some ideas of fun. From wedding costumes to wedding bouquet,from wedding decoration to wedding invitations,from wedding favors to wedding settings. There are really many many things that you can change from the traditional weddings.

At first, let’s see a wedding dress for Halloween wedding.

This black Halloween wedding dress is a multi-layers black wedding dress. Boat neck is ruched to the shoulders. Ribbons on arms make it looks like a dress for a lady pirate.Every layer is different from others. Silk,lace and taffeta from top to the bottom of the skirt.On the waist is the ribbon to make your waist looks slimmer. If your wedding is also a destination wedding on the beach this pirate wedding dress is perfect.Halloween Wedding Dress

Go with bold colors and leave white wedding dress alone.How do you feel with this bling bling purple bridal gown? Sparkles from the neck to the waist make you a princess from fairy tale. Sweetheart neckline is really stunning with more sparkle things on.Below the sweetheart neckline is a black high waist line made of silk.In the middle there is a large beaded decoration which is the most shining star on the wedding dress. The skirt is covered with a transparent yarn.Really romantic and stunning.purple wedding dress

Wedding bouquet is made of beautiful flowers on the whole.But for a Halloween wedding you need to think something different. Holding a feather bouquet will empress the guests. Mysterious,right?

Halloween wedding bouquet

Pumpkin wedding cake to make the wedding more Halloween…The topper is a big nice pumpkin and on the down layers of the cake is small cute pumpkins.Trees and bats decorated on the cake is really creative.

And we cannot forget the best men and the bridesmaid.

bridesmaid and bestman

Yes these are some ideas for a Halloween wedding.Hope it is helpful to you and you might get some more inspirations.

Of course before your Halloween wedding you need to send out wedding invitations to your invitation

Let a elegant wedding cakes make your wedding unforgetable

Wedding day is our biggest day in our life time. Many people has imagine their wedding occasion for many times. Each of us want to make the day to be perfect and unforgettable. An elegant wedding cakes will help your wedding more satisfying.

The wedding cake is more than just dessert for your guests, it also serves as the key decoration for the wedding reception. It often is similar to the wedding theme, especially the color. Most of elegant cakes are designed in many different colors. And flower may be one of the best way to use flower

Of course, there are also some elegant wedding cakes designed into different style. Like Thailand style, Japan style, classic pattern style and so on.

tailand shape

The first picture is just like the top of Thailand classic building. Strange shape, sharp top and white with gold all give us a feeling of Thailand country.

The design of small flowers must remind us of Japanese sakura and a beautiful woman wearing a sakura kimono.

The last picture makes us think of china. What a classic color of china. We can see the color and shape in lots of china. The cake just illustrates the traditional Chinese style.

There many other elegant wedding cakes for bride and groom to choose. If you want to make your wedding more colorful and meaningful, elegant wedding cakes may be a good choose to achieve it.

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