2015 Hot Winter Wedding Color Ideas And Invitations

There is something incredibly romantic about a winter wedding. Today, we’re heading over heels for winter weddings and especially these five color combinations. Check out for more details if you are getting married this winter. :)

1. Dusty Blue + Gray 

Want to know what my favorite shade of blue is for weddings? Say hello to this blue beauty!  It’s the sort of blue that exudes romance and elegance and all kinds of prettiness.

dusty blue and gray winter wedding color ideas

Image Credits: stylemepretty,  deerpearlflowersbrides

Invitations recommended from this color scheme: 

dusty blue pocket winter invitations IWGY038                           dusty blue snow layered invites IWFC030

2.  Navy Blue + Gold 

For those brides and groom to be among you looking to create a sophisticated celebration, feminine and sparkling without being too girly or super pretty, then this navy and gold wedding color inspiration should get the creative juices flowing.luxrious navy and gold winter wedding ideas

Image Credits: theeverylastdetail,  joshuadrakephotographypinterestthe36thavenueetsy

Invitations recommended from this color scheme: 

navy blue and gold flower winter wedding cards IWI277                         winter navy blue laser cut invitations IWSM022

3. Navy Blue + Marlasa 

As Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year,  it’s a bold color. And I’m excited to share this bold palette that pairs marsala with navy blue in a way that comes across as so elegant and so sophisticated. What do you think?marsala navy blue winter wedding inspirations

Image Credits: botanicalpaperworksetsy

Invitations recommended from this color scheme:

winter marlasa wedding color ideas IWSM030                           winter navy blue pocket invitations IWPS080

4.  green + yellow 

Wintertime, the holidays and Christmas all evoke images of crystal lace-like snowflakes,What a perfect time for a wedding! This color palette like Neutral and Dazzling gold is so charming and festive.

green and gold winter wedding color inspirations

 Image Credits: ruffledbloggreenweddingshoesbridesoncewed,  ohsobeautifulpaper

Invitations recommended from this color scheme:  

green laser cut ribbon winter wedding invites IWSM031                         green winter laser cut invitations IWSM010

5. red + green

Pairing the traditional Christmas wedding color palette of red and green with a chic rustic theme seemed like a natural collection to create! Though the weather outside is frightful, this sweet holiday wedding color palette inspiration board should be more than enough to keep you warm this season.
red green festival winter wedding ideas

Image Credits: etsybridalguidemerrychristmaschristmastheperfectpaletteruffledblog

Invitations recommended from this color scheme:  

christmas winter wedding invitations IWI341                       red winter layered wedding invitations IWFC038

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2015 Whimsical Winter Wedding Ideas and Invitations

creative winter wedding decoration ideas

If you think there’s no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow,  winter wedding is a great choice for you!  Various symbols of winter, such as pine cones, mistletoe and snowflake can be added to your wedding to make it fantastic and dreamy. Let’s check them out. :)

1. Pine cone is a fabulous way to decorate for a winter wedding. Inexpensive and gorgeous – not to mention versatile.

pine cone wedding decor

pine cone decorations for weddings

pine cone winter decoration ideas

 wedding decoration ideas for winter

pinecone wedding table decoration ideas

2.For a winter wedding, mistletoe is an absolute must! Hanging one over your sweetheart table or the entrance to your reception is a great idea! And if you wanted to spruce it up for the holidays, you could always add some red holly berries or switch up the white velvet ribbon for something more festive.

mistletoe winter wedding decoration ideas

winter wonderland wedding ideas

winter wedding theme ideas

mistletoe wedding ideas for winter

christmas wedding decorations

christmas holly berry wedding cakes

winter mistletoe mason jar wedding decoration ideas

3. Snowflakes are one of the symbols of winter, so why not include them into your winter wedding décor? Wearing snowflake accessories – earrings, headpieces, necklaces – and you’ll turn into a charming snow queen! And other decorations such as table runners, centerpieces, chairs and napkin rings can also be decorated with snowflakes. Get more inspiring ideas below!

winter snowflake wedding decoration ideas

winter snowflake wedding decoration ideas

winter wonderland wedding ideas

winter snowflake wedding cake ideas

Image Credits:  

theknotvintagebridemaginspiredbythisupcycledtreasures,  happywedd,  bridalmusings,

Here are some winter wedding invitations that Invitesweddings offer. You can click the pic to purchase them. :)

affordable winter mistle toe wedding invitations              cheap winter mistle toe wedding invites

inexpensive snowflake winter wedding invitations              cheap winter blue wedding invites

Tiffany Blue Themed Wedding Ideas And Invitations- Perfect For Winter Weddings

Tiffany blue has to be one of our very favorite colors and even more so to create a perfect theme for the perfect wedding. It works wonderfully with white; light pink and lighter shades of green. This combination of colors would ideally suit a vintage beach or winter wedding. Here are a few snapshots of our favorite combinations of Tiffany blue and ideas of how to use the color in your wedding.

tiffany blue wedding carstiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

tiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

tiffany bridesmaid dress ideas

Make sure you get your favorite girls in this lush color, we think it looks great with all maids in one shade or using varied tones. Make sure the ladies are happy with the shade, as this will help you decide on how to use the color. If you feel you have an overkill of Tiffany blue then make sure you add in some soft pinks and white or add it to smart accessories to give it that pop of color as seen below on the flower girl dresses.

tifanny wedding flower girl's dress ideas

tiffany wedding cakestiffany wedding desserts & cakes

The color looks fab on mini macaroons and other petite fancies. And don’t just let the fun stop there why not add quirky accessories and table decorations to inject the color into your big day.

tiffany wedding ring ideastiffany blue wedding decorations

winter tiffany wedding ideas

simple tiffany  bags for bridesmaids

Here are some of our very own stylish and contemporary Tiffany blue designs. For more ideas and designs simply contact us and we’ll help give you ideas and information on how to use this color.

winter tiffany blue dandelion wedding invitationswinter tiffany blue dandelion wedding invitationsas low as $0.94 per

vintage tiffany blue winter wedding invitationsvintage tiffany blue winter wedding invitationsas low as $0.94 per


Perfect Blue And White Winter Wedding Inspirations

We know that winter can be a magical time to get married. Can you just imagine been surrounded by white fluffy snow, personally we couldn’t think of a more romantic time to say your vows in. This year like every year winter wedding are becoming more popular, but how can you really make your wedding stand out from the crowd. We have the answer right here! A blue and white color scheme! We always see green and red, which are associated with Christmas, but this year we think the focus should be on cool aqua blues, mint greens and pale midnight blues. Here’s a few color palettes we’ve put together to inspire you.

romantic winter snowy weddings ideas &  inspirations winter wedding idea

romantic snowy winter wedding ideas and wedding photography

perfect winter wedding photography inspirations

Blue and white are the main color in winter wedding.

romantic blue and white winter wedding decorations ideas

Cold blue wedding invitations inspirations 

romantic blue winter wedding ideas and invitations blue and white snowy wedding ideas and snowflake wedding invitations blue and white snowflake theme wedding ideas and invitations

For more details on how we can incorporate these colors into your winter themed wedding, simply contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.



Top 5 Winter Wedding Ideas and Invitations

Are you dreaming of a romantic snowy winter wedding?

winter wedding pictures

It seems like everyone gets married in summer, especially in movies, which unconsciously reinforces us to do and think the same, however, a winter wedding can be just as stunning and spectacular, so if it’s something that you wish to do, make sure you follow that dream and don’t be deterred by others. To help you get prepared here are some tips for you to follow to ensure you capture the perfect winter wonderland wedding.

winter wedding pictures

Choosing Attire for Your Winter Wedding

You can never go wrong with a white dress and a snap wrap to keep you warm. Make sure your maids also have something to cover up in and choose suitable footwear, try to prepare for the worst scenario.

winter wedding images winter wedding images

Winter Wedding Flowers

Choose seasonal blossoms, this will not inly reduce the cost, but will look in tune with your theme. Try sprigs of green holly and blush red berries, it will be the perfect contrast in the snow.

winter wedding flowers winter wedding flowers winter wedding flowers

Featured Winter Wedding Menus

Select food and drinks that will be sure to warm you and your guests through. It will also give the feeling of home and comfort and bring a real sense of cheer to the occasion. Mulled wines and ciders are perfect entrance drinks and hot broths, stews, and hot apple pie are great food ideas to keep everyone happy and toasty.

winter weddings winter weddings

The Décor for Your Winter Wedding

Keep in theme with your season, so think pinecones and Christmas trees use simple motifs that get everyone in the spirit of winter.

winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations

Invitations For Winter Weddings

Make sure your color scheme and motifs reflect your wedding, theme and season, there are so many color options you can venture into and stacks of images and motifs to get your claws into. Here are Invites Weddings we offer many winter design solutions, simply contact us for a free consultation or for more information about us and our designs at invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

winter wedding invitations winter wedding invitations winter wedding invitations winter wedding invitations

Invitesweddings.com provides many elegant and affordable winter wedding invitations. All color can be customized and what’s even better is the service is absolutely free. For more information, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com


Everything About Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Royal blue is a gorgeous deep color that evokes images of sprawling oceans, beautiful lakes or even royalty. This article tells you how you can use royal blue in your wedding can help create the perfect special day you have been planning. Attire While brides traditional choice is a white wedding gown, you can use a necklace decorated with a royal blue sapphire stone to add some color or wear sapphire earrings. Another brilliant idea is to have a royal blue satin sash around the waist to accent a white dress. Bri



























desmaids can wear royal blue dresses and have white flowers or hairpieces.

beach royal blue bridesmaid dressess_1

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

royal blue wedidng gown

royal blue wedding dress

Decor There are hundreds of centerpiece ideas that can utilize royal color beautifully. For instance, you can choose a floating candle centerpiece and fill a glass bowl with water and add three or four drops of blue food coloring to make the water in royal blue. Then top it off with white floating candle tea lights. You can also do royal blue tablecloths in this case. royal blue wedding decors

royal blue weddings

Flowers You are suggested to decorate your wedding floral motifs with royal blue. Some flowers are naturally royal blue, such as orchids or hibiscus flowers. Some aren’t blue but can be dyed royal blue, such as roses and carnations.

royal blue wedding bouquets

royal blue wedding bouquet

Cake Your cake can be included to match your royal blue idea as well.

royal blue wedding cakes

flower royal blue wedding cake

Shoes I do love the idea of royal blue wedding shoes… it’s a thought! Take care of the “something blue” :) .

royal blue bridal shoes

elegant royal blue wedding shoes

royal blue wedding shoes

Invitations Here are some royal blue wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer.

Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set

Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set


Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

 Image credits: englishrosecakesandbakes

Romantic winter wedding inspirations and suggested winter wedding cards

Every season has its own charm, including winter. The charm of winter is the all white world,clear air and falling snow. Snow is the angel of winter. For the setting part you can take advantage of snow to make a fairy tale like wedding. Unlike weddings in spring or summer,winter is always chilly and the wedding dress should has a function to keep warm and make your more beautiful at the same time. Day time in winter is short you can think about a evening wedding ceremony instead.

First let’s take a look at some stunning winter bridal gowns.This one is not so long as walking in the snow is kinda difficult. You can wear a pair of boots. Wedding dress with the snow is all white so if you add some outstanding colors on your dress it would be really nice.

winter wedding dress

You can either wear a long black jacket or wind coat.Two bold colors will make your both handsome and beautiful.

winter bridal gown

If the place where your wedding will be is under a snow mountain it’s better.Walking on the snow and listen to the sound how lovely it is. Here you can find some souvenir for your wedding.Also the guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery.Pine trees in winter are really nice. Strongly recommend you hold a wedding ceremony in a far away place with pure snow to enjoy the peace.

Wedding bouquet. Green or red wedding bouquet for a winter wedding is absolutely right. The color will be more outstanding in the white setting. To work with the color of your bouquet you can make your hairstyle with the same color.I am crazy for green wedding bouquet in winter. Green is the color of new life.Winter is the season to hold all your strength and wait for the spring comes. Get married is a symbol that you are having a new life. You are not only yourself from that day on and you’ve got a family to love,a mate to keep company of.

romantic winter wedding

Dreamy wedding setting.Not so bright not so dark just proper to have a romantic and quiet wedding. “Snow” was piled up around the “tree”.The trees made an aisle for you and your mate. How romantic to walk down the dreamy aisle. Isn’t it what you want from a little girl? To be a princess and now you are a real princess.

Trees with snow covered in the house.Suitable for a buffet decoration and cocktail party decor.

We cannot forget the wedding invitations.Snow flake and snow mountains themed wedding invitations are commonly seen.But they are not the only choices. Blue or white invitations are good choices. Check for the cheap winter wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer if you are planning a romantic winter wedding.

Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228as low as $0.94

Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091as low as $0.94


Winter Wedding in Color: Ivory and Black

Many girls wish to build their wedding ceremony right into a fairytale wonderland. Newlyweds have various plans for their wedding, some prefer for formal theme wedding, some prefer for casual theme wedding.

The milky white snow adds a lot more romantic atmosphere to a winter wedding. Celebrate your romantic winter wedding with this season’s hottest color combination! Ivory gives a soft and elegant touch while black gives a classic, formal and stately atmosphere.

black wedding invitations

Why not add extra colorful touch on the winter theme wedding ceremony? How about play with dark and lightweight mixtures?

Ivory + Black +Sage green

black ivory green wedding

Wedding Flowers: White or ivory bouquet with some green and eggplant accents, such as orchids, callas, orchids, hydrangea and roses.

The bride’s handle is wrapped in ivory satin with a green organza overlay and pearl. The bridesmaids carry bouquets of green hydrangea, white orchids, green cymbidium orchids, green and ivory roses. The bouts and corsages are all made of orchids, berries and spray roses to compliment the bouquets.

For bride: ivory wedding dress with green ribbon or ivory wedding dress with green bouquet.

ivory wedding dress with green bouquetwhite-wedding-dress-green-sash

Wedding colors is an important part of wedding planning. Winter weddings are memorable occasions because of the wedding itself and also because of the holiday season. If you want to have a winter wedding, you have to choose appropriate winter wedding colors.

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