2015 Whimsical Winter Wedding Ideas and Invitations

creative winter wedding decoration ideas

If you think there’s no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow,  winter wedding is a great choice for you!  Various symbols of winter, such as pine cones, mistletoe and snowflake can be added to your wedding to make it fantastic and dreamy. Let’s check them out. :)

1. Pine cone is a fabulous way to decorate for a winter wedding. Inexpensive and gorgeous – not to mention versatile.

pine cone wedding decor

pine cone decorations for weddings

pine cone winter decoration ideas

 wedding decoration ideas for winter

pinecone wedding table decoration ideas

2.For a winter wedding, mistletoe is an absolute must! Hanging one over your sweetheart table or the entrance to your reception is a great idea! And if you wanted to spruce it up for the holidays, you could always add some red holly berries or switch up the white velvet ribbon for something more festive.

mistletoe winter wedding decoration ideas

winter wonderland wedding ideas

winter wedding theme ideas

mistletoe wedding ideas for winter

christmas wedding decorations

christmas holly berry wedding cakes

winter mistletoe mason jar wedding decoration ideas

3. Snowflakes are one of the symbols of winter, so why not include them into your winter wedding décor? Wearing snowflake accessories – earrings, headpieces, necklaces – and you’ll turn into a charming snow queen! And other decorations such as table runners, centerpieces, chairs and napkin rings can also be decorated with snowflakes. Get more inspiring ideas below!

winter snowflake wedding decoration ideas

winter snowflake wedding decoration ideas

winter wonderland wedding ideas

winter snowflake wedding cake ideas

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Here are some winter wedding invitations that Invitesweddings offer. You can click the pic to purchase them. :)

affordable winter mistle toe wedding invitations              cheap winter mistle toe wedding invites

inexpensive snowflake winter wedding invitations              cheap winter blue wedding invites

Top 3 Peacock themed wedding color ideas and wedding invitations

Peacock has become a popular wedding theme due to its their rich iridescent hue and delicate silhouette. It can be  all too easy to add a handful of peacock details  as a point of wedding style inspiration, from adding one or two peacock feathers  to the bride’s bouquet to choosing a stylish feathered headpiece, etc.

2015 peacock themed wedding color ideas

But to have a chic, classy, contemporary, elegant wedding,  it is more important that your wedding color(s) also fit your peacock theme. The colors that you choose can vary a bit, but turquoise, blue and green are the primary colors, and you can also choose softer hues in these color ranges. These photos speak for themselves, so enjoy!

Peacock color option 1: purple+teal+pale khaki

peacock feathers wedding favors bouqget and head pieces

Stacy Reeves Photography via stylemepretty

Peacock color option 2: purple  opulence+chocolate brown+dream blue

peacock feather centerpieces and peacock decor ideas

Sarah Yates Photography via stylemepretty

Peacock color option 3: royal blue+steal blue+gray

peacock color wedding theme decorationsCoordination-A Southern Soiree Photography, Floral Design-The English Garden

Here are some peacock invitations that InvitesWeddings offer. Their wordings and colors can be customized to meet your requirements.

Classic Peacock Ivory Wedding Invitation Kits IWI321 Classic Peacock Ivory Wedding Invite Kits IWI321 as low as $0.94

Exquisite Peacock Wedding Invitation IWI323Exquisite Peacock Wedding Invitation IWI323as low as $0.94 

Vintage Peacock Pocket Invitations IWGY064Vintage Peacock Pocket Invitations IWGY064as low as $1.69

Unique Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations IWI022Unique Peacock Wedding Invitations IWI022as low as $0.94


Fall Wedding Ideas – Pumpkins

There’s no better way to say fall wedding than with a pumpkin. It sums up the style and theme immediately and creates a warming sense for every guest in sight. We love the striking burnt orange color against a stark white dress and the fact that you can actually paint one to your specific color. There’s so many ways to incorporate one into your wedding and what more is it’s a big money saver (if you don’t mind putting some handy work in).

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas

Pumpkin theme Weddings fall

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas2

fall pumpkin wedding photo ideas

If your budget is tight, then why not have your maids carry pumpkins or at least for a sneaky photo, we love this style above and love how the bride has carefully selected blooms to work with the pumpkins.

Tip: Make sure you scoop out the pumpkin to make them lighter or buy mini pumpkins to ensure your maids don’t end up with a bad back.

romantic fall pumpkin rustic wedding ceremony

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall wedding shoot ideas pumpkin

If you don’t want anyone carrying a pumpkin then why not just take a few photos in the farmers field, this really does say ‘fall’ and ‘rustic’.

fall pumpkin rutic wedding table setting ideasfall pumpkin rutic wedding dessert and drink ideas

Pumpkin-Wedding ideas fall & invitations

Be quirky and imaginative with your styling and make clever use of any spare bits of pumpkin, they really can just about decorate anywhere, candle, cakes, flower and beer holders and lastly why not have your wedding invitations designed with a special pumpkin motif invites weddings already have a great selection for you to choose from, but if you have your own ideas, simply contact us for a free consultation and we’ll set about making the perfect invitations for you. For more details, just contact us via invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

Selected Affordable Floral Wedding Invitations for Casual Outdoor Venues – Part Two

Because there are so many fabulous floral invitations we have decided to break the blog into two parts and continue to look at some styles that are perfect for outdoor wedding venues.

The first one is quite contemporary and we appreciate that it will not be to every ones taste, however we love the color combinations and the floral motifs are bang on trend.

green floral rustic  invitations  for garden weddings

affordable vintage purple flower wedding invitations for outdoor weddings

This purple rose wedding invitation is as elegant as they come, but without a hefty price tag that usually comes with elegance and class. Below is a colorful design that is perfect for spring/summer seasons and is perfect for a more romantic touch.

spring purple pink and yellow flowers wedding invitations for outdoor weddings

If you don’t fancy going OTT with the floral motifs, then how about keeping it plain and simple with something like this? Or make use of monograms where possible and opt for opulant lily floral motifs.

romantic soft pink flower simple wedding invitation for outdoor weddings

classic white lily flower wedding invitations for garden weddings

For more information, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

Affordable Floral Wedding Invitations for Casual Outdoor Venues – Part One

As recently mentioned in one of our previous blogs, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the casual and laid-back nature of a garden or beach party. So with this trend on up it’s no surprise that here at Invites Wedding we have decided to go floral crazy and have designed some rather gorgeous styles, which will work wonderfully with the outdoors theme; Here are some of our personal favorites.

romantic spring pink flower wedding invitations affordable bright yellow flower spring wedding invitations

The above design comes in two color stories and is the perfect choice for either a spring, summer and Autumn weddings due to the warm shades of pink and lemon. Below is one of our current bestsellers and is a great choice for Autumn venues of rustic barn celebrations, due to it warm rich chocolate hues.

inexpensive rustic brown floral country wedding invitations

Then we have a rather sketchy design, which evokes childhood memories and strong nostaligic emtions with it’s somewhat child-like feeling to the design. Plus the variety of color options make it available for wedding venues all year round.

cheap pink and yellow floral spring wedding invitations

cheap pink and red floral spring  garden wedding invitations

shades of blue floral winter wedding invitations

Or choose a spring bloom flower like this peach blossom design below.

budget sweet pink floral garden wedding invitations

bright yellow refreshing garden wedding invitations

fall orange floral garden wedding invitations

And finally summer wouldn’t be complete without a Sunflower would it? It is the symbol of happiness and strength.

yellow sunflower garden summer wedding invitations

Top 3 Tips on Wedding Receptions

A wedding reception is potentially the most important part of your big day, as guests will spend the majority of the day there; therefore if you are looking to leave a big impression amongst guests then attention should to focus in this area. Here are a few tips on what areas you will need to consider.


Your wedding theme will affect where you choose the location. Consider how you can make the most of your location, is there anything interesting about the place you’ll marry, an interesting history or is it somewhere that is famous for a particular food, drink or dance. This will heavily influence the color scheme.

 country receptionwedding receptions

Sometimes, receptions are held under stars and moons. An outer door night reception can bring unexpected effect.

 night reception


Decorations are usually influenced by theme, color, and budget or simply just to the bride and groom’s taste. Homemade flags, bunting, paper flowers and paper lanterns have become increasingly popular at wedding receptions, due to their homespun look and a cheaper alternative to other more pricey decorations.

 paper lantern reception decor

Food & Drink

Food and drink can be critical at a wedding and it is the one thing that will make guests leave 100% satisfied. We’re guessing this is mostly with the men, but women are more likely to be impressed by presentation and visual impact. So it’s important to get it right, make sure you can trial and test some food before you book. Make sure both you and the groom go so that you have varying opinions and taste buds.

reception foodreception drink

We hope this has helped you, should you require more information on how you can incorporate your invitations into your reception simply leave us a message right here or contact us at invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

Gold Wedding Inspirations And Wedding Invitations

As wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life, you deserve to sparkle and shine on your big day. Not to say that gold is quite a classic color scheme for weddings. Actually, all that glitters can be gold in a wedding. We love gold charger plates, chairs, centerpieces,and even wedding cake! In this post, i’m going to show you some gorgeous ideas about gold weddings.

gold wedding inspirations

Gold bridesmaid dresses, soooo cute!
gold bridesmaid dresses

Shiny gold wedding shoes:
gold wedding shoes

shiny gold bridal shoes

gold wedding necklaces:

gold wedding necklace

unique gold wedding necklace

gold wedding cakes:romantic gold wedding cake

gold wedding cake

cute gold wedding cake

gold wedding decoration ideas:gold wedding decoration

gold wedding decoration ideas gold wedding decoration ideaHere are some exquisite gold wedding invitations that we offer.

Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01as low as $1.29 per set

Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05
as low as $1.29 per set

Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07
as low as $1.29 per set

Everything About Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Royal blue is a gorgeous deep color that evokes images of sprawling oceans, beautiful lakes or even royalty. This article tells you how you can use royal blue in your wedding can help create the perfect special day you have been planning. Attire While brides traditional choice is a white wedding gown, you can use a necklace decorated with a royal blue sapphire stone to add some color or wear sapphire earrings. Another brilliant idea is to have a royal blue satin sash around the waist to accent a white dress. Bri



























desmaids can wear royal blue dresses and have white flowers or hairpieces.

beach royal blue bridesmaid dressess_1

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

royal blue wedidng gown

royal blue wedding dress

Decor There are hundreds of centerpiece ideas that can utilize royal color beautifully. For instance, you can choose a floating candle centerpiece and fill a glass bowl with water and add three or four drops of blue food coloring to make the water in royal blue. Then top it off with white floating candle tea lights. You can also do royal blue tablecloths in this case. royal blue wedding decors

royal blue weddings

Flowers You are suggested to decorate your wedding floral motifs with royal blue. Some flowers are naturally royal blue, such as orchids or hibiscus flowers. Some aren’t blue but can be dyed royal blue, such as roses and carnations.

royal blue wedding bouquets

royal blue wedding bouquet

Cake Your cake can be included to match your royal blue idea as well.

royal blue wedding cakes

flower royal blue wedding cake

Shoes I do love the idea of royal blue wedding shoes… it’s a thought! Take care of the “something blue” :) .

royal blue bridal shoes

elegant royal blue wedding shoes

royal blue wedding shoes

Invitations Here are some royal blue wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer.

Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set

Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set


Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

 Image credits: englishrosecakesandbakes

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