10 Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can totally consume you. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to get featured in a wedding magazine you know only if you take some time to read the following 10 helpful and easy tips. Let’s wow your guests with easy, affordable, and unforgettable treats that you can make on your own. :)

cheap wedding decoration ideas for Paper Cone Rice Tossers

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cheap do it yourself chalkboard wedding program ideas

You know, guests never really know what to do with their paper programs after the ceremony anyway. So why not avoid the waste by painting over a large, salvaged mirror with chalkboard paint?

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DIY floral table wedding centerpieces ideas

So easy, right? Actually, you don’t need to have any prior flower arranging experience to create these simple but stunning centerpieces.

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inexpensive wedding decoration ideas of lavender and tulle chairbacks

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mason jar and twine flower holders diy wedding decoration ideas

You can hang them over the chairs by the aisle. Small daisies and lavender look best and it doesn’t require any professional flower arranging knowledge. :)

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lace ribbon mason jars wedding decor ideas

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diy Mrs & Mrs standard wedding decorations

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diy wedding hanger ideas

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DIY flower chandelier budget wedding ideas

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wedding tissue paper pom pom ideas on a budget

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2015 Top 10 Useful Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

More and more brides would love to embrace things in vintage for their weddings which gives a stylish and romantic nod to the past with these details. You can find things like delicate lace, old-fashioned typed labels, fabric signs, glass bottles in a vintage wedding. If you are one of those brides planning a vintage wedding, take a look at the 12 amazing vintage wedding decoration ideas below. You’ll surely get inspired. :)
top 12 useful vintage wedding ideas

1. Antique containers and old-fashioned typed labels are a fabulous idea to enhance the vintage look!

rustic vintage DIY wedding ideas

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2. Tie softer fabric signs to the backs of chairs at your wedding reception.

vintage wedding decoration ideas

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3. Display neutral confetti cones in reclaimed wooden crates made from newspaper.

vintage confetti cones display wedding ideas

 Image Credit: samanthawardphotography

4. You can decorate your wedding cake like this to make it vintage and match your bouquet as well.

vintage wedding cake ideas

Image Credit: nealejames

5. Use old photos,  wedding guest book or menu, candles, glass bottles, vintage maps and some other accessories to create a vintage display table that you’ll fall in love with.

vintage wedding display table ideas

Image Credit: tony.gameiro

6. Use vintage mason jars – it’s a high-five to guests who value the “old-time” things.

vintage mason jars wedding decoration idea

vintage mason jars wedding decoration ideas

Image Credit: paperblog

7. Vintage Latter For Wedding Display: you can either use initials of your names or simply the word LOVE.

 vintage wedding latter display ideavintage wedding latter display ideas

Image Credit: rusticweddingchic

8. Use delicate lace stem to wrap the blush pink bouquet- the color and texture are perfect for classic vintage look.

vintage lace bridal bouquet ideas

Image Credit: wantthatwedding

9.  There was a time when the doily was confined to Grandma’s house, but the lovely doily has made a strong comeback. How about adding some doilies to your wedding reception?

vintage doily wedding decoration ideas

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10. Place your guest book on a table beside a rented photo booth. Guests can paste their snapshot in your book along with their good wishes for your future.

DIY wedding photo wedding ideas

Here are some vintage style invitations that invitesweddings offer.

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Glamorous Rainbow Wedding Ideas

Having a problem choosing a specific color for your wedding? Are there just too many color choices and combos to get your head around? Then why not opt for them all with a rainbow themed wedding! A rainbow wedding is not only unique and cheery, but it’s fun and will look amazing on your wedding photography.

Rainbows are symbol of promise, so it’s a meaningful way to set the rainbow as your theme just like the vows you will take during the ceremony.

Here are some of our favorite ways to explore the rainbow theme at your wedding.

Rainbow bridesmaid dresses

This will look fabulous on photos and there should be a color for every maid to suit, just make sure you are having more maids to ensure the ideas works properly. Also ask your maids which colors they like and if they are happy with the color they will wear, perhaps you can suggest a shade lighter or darker for each color.

rainbow bridesmaid dresses

Rainbow Accessories

This is a great way to get the men involved too; they can do this with shoes, bow ties, suspenders and even sunglasses! This idea again will ensure you get fabulous snaps on the day.

rainbow weddings

More rainbow colors for your maids

rainbow bridesmaid dressesrainbow bridesmaid dresses

Have your crew hold up colorful hearts or balloons for photos.

fantastic rainbow theme wedding photography ideas

colorful balloonsrainbow wedding ideas

Rainbow Style Desserts

Don’t overcook the rainbow theme and find sneaky ways for the color to break through, such as when you slice open the cake. Or if you want a striking rainbow theme, why not find colorful cupcakes and candy to decorate your desert table.

rainbow wedding ideas rainbow wedding

Rainbow Wedding Decorations

This can be done with flowers and props such as bright and colorful books and bits and pieces that you may have lying around at home. Be creative and imaginative when it comes to your decoration ideas.

rainbow wedding ideas rainbow wedding cakes rainbow weddings bright rainbow colors wedding decoration ideas rainbow wedding  decorations rainbow wedding  decorations rainbow weddings


How To Plan A Budget Wedding

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event to unite families and loved ones together, so we understand how vital it is to ensure it’s a memorable occasion. If you are on a tight budget and worry about making it a success fear not we have some helpful tips to ensure you have the most amazing wedding on even the modest budgets.

Seasonal flowers

Do your homework and check which flowers will be in season during your wedding month, that way you can organize the theme and color around what flowers will be in bloom.

wedding flowerswhite wedding flowerswedding flowers decorations

Shop Online

Do shop online, but again be wary about where you shop and go by word of mouth to ensure you’re not ripped off or scammed. Shopping online can be a great tool for finding deals and bulk orders at discounted prices especially when buying for a huge team of maids.

wedding dressdress

DIY Wedding Décor

There has never been a better time to get away with DIY wedding decorations; there is so much focus and attention on homespun weddings that it’s actually cool to have made your bunting or paper lanterns. Try looking at some YouTube channels and Pinterest on how to make things.

home-made decorations

Seasonal fruit and homemade dessert and drinks

Another way to cut costs it to prepare your own receptions drinks and deserts, you could even host a competition on guests home-made deserts and have pre wedding fun mixing up different refreshing drinks with friends.  A budget wedding doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!


For price enquiries on all our invitations please contact us at invitesweddings2012@gmail.com and we’ll try our best to find a style that suits your theme and budget.

2013 Hot Ribbon Wedding Invitations

Want your invitations to be delicate but affordable? Ribbon wedding invitations can be your chief considerations. With the flexibility of changing color, you can make ribbon invitations the same color as your wedding.

Several warmed colors are gradually becoming the main color in wedding like red, pink and purple. It is no wonder to involve the color to the design of wedding invitations. The following 3 ribbon colors can just show you the huge effect ribbon brings.

Red ribbon invitations and red wedding ideas

red ribbon wedding invitationsred ribbon wedding invitationsPink ribbon invitations and pink wedding ideas

bright pink ribbon wedding invitations bright pink ribbon wedding invitationsPurple ribbon invitations and purple wedding ideas

purple ribbon wedding invitationsSome special ribbon collection

ribbonsThere are also some special ribbon collections to make your invitations different from others. Lace is one of the important factors to make your invitations delicate and elegant.

lace ribbons

lace ribbonsInvitesWeddings provide ribbons in variable colors and in different materials  for you to customize your wedding invitations and the color changing is free of charge. Making your wedding to be yourself and enjoying the ribbon DIY definitely bring you a memorable weeding. If you are interested in ribbon wedding invitations, please click here to view our ribbon wedding invitation collection.

SEVEN Elegant Lace Wedding Invitations

We all love lace as lace possesses the ethereal and feminine feature in a perfect way. Brides and groom who are seeking for romantic wedding would most probably choose lace as their wedding theme. Lace is the number one choice of the vintage bride as well. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with lace too after watching the this scrupulously collected inspirational post.

wedding ideas

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitations

lace wedding invitation-4

lace wedding invitation-2

lace wedding invitation-5

lace wedding invitation-7If you are interested in one of them, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com for more information.


Cheap Pocket Wedding Invitation Kits from InvitesWeddings

The Young couples of today want everything to be unique. They don’t want to follow the century-old traditions. They want to have their invitation to be unique and memorable and cheap as well. That’s why cheap pocket wedding invitations kits are preferred by most.

Pocket fold wedding invitations  is one of the significant options. They are semi DIY kits which are readily available as premade pocket folds. There are a whole load of designs printed on the papers that are going to be slid into the pockets. These papers are filled with floral designs, petals, graphic designs, or glitters.

beach pocket wedding invitationexquisite floral pocket wedding invitationThe use of cheap pocket wedding invitation kits gives an assurance that you are making no compromise in the quality of the cards.

beach blue pocket wedding invitation
classic brown pocket wedding invitation

Chandelier Pocket Wedding Invitation

autumn pocket wedding invitations


Please click here to view more fabulous pocket wedding invitations that InvitesWeddings offer. All of them start from $1.59 per set, response cards and printed envelopes included in this price.

Take A Look At Some Great Theme Wedding

Most of the brides will get panic if their wedding themes have not been decided. They have several plans but sometimes they dont have any idea of which one to choose. And there are also some guests that they are getting married too harsh and do not have enough time to settle down a wedding theme. Now let us see some really great wedding themes and thus to give you some inspirations for your own wedding.

This is a green theme wedding. May be you can think about it for your next year spring or summer wedding. It is OK for the bride to wear both white and green bridal gowns but the bridesmaid dresses are better to be green with strapless neckline.Yummy green wedding cake with decorations of green ribbons making the cake beautiful and fresh. You can also think about preparing some cucumber,green oranges and green apples. Garden wedding in held in the garden and there are trees and pawn all green in sping and summer. Of course to work with the green theme find some green wedding invitations and then send out to your guests they will learn from the cards that you are going to have a green wedding. green theme wedding

After seeing a green one now let us see a pink one. For girls are crazy for pink color. Look at the pink chairs with a huge flower on the back how nice. When guests sitting down on these lovely pink chairs. Generally kids are also into pink so they gonna be excited to see the pink theme wedding. pink theme wedding

Silve is an elegant color. It is also suitable for a formal wedding. Silver wedding dress with sweetheart neckline, there is nothing more stunning than this wedding dress. As for decorations there are silver ear rings,silver necklace and crown. What’s more fascinating is that you can also find gorgeous silver wedding bouquet with beads and diamonds. Of course it is really costly and you have to consider your budget. Silver wedding cake can add some more elegant feeling to your wedding. Silver wedding shoes and silver wedding handbags will make your even more beautiful and elegant. This is a theme that I love. It is simple but fabulous and special.

silver wedding theme

Having a night party with your friends at the same time you are getting married? How great. Playing firework is a dream for kids. When a person grows up sweet memories from childhood will keep company with him or her. That is why people will play something that is romantic like firework.

night party wedding theme

Finally wish these themes help to decide your own wedding them and be happily ever after.

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