10 Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can totally consume you. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to get featured in a wedding magazine you know only if you take some time to read the following 10 helpful and easy tips. Let’s wow your guests with easy, affordable, and unforgettable treats that you can make on your own. :)

cheap wedding decoration ideas for Paper Cone Rice Tossers

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cheap do it yourself chalkboard wedding program ideas

You know, guests never really know what to do with their paper programs after the ceremony anyway. So why not avoid the waste by painting over a large, salvaged mirror with chalkboard paint?

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DIY floral table wedding centerpieces ideas

So easy, right? Actually, you don’t need to have any prior flower arranging experience to create these simple but stunning centerpieces.

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inexpensive wedding decoration ideas of lavender and tulle chairbacks

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mason jar and twine flower holders diy wedding decoration ideas

You can hang them over the chairs by the aisle. Small daisies and lavender look best and it doesn’t require any professional flower arranging knowledge. :)

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lace ribbon mason jars wedding decor ideas

Image from: rusticfolkweddings

diy Mrs & Mrs standard wedding decorations

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diy wedding hanger ideas

Image from: somethingturquoise

DIY flower chandelier budget wedding ideas

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wedding tissue paper pom pom ideas on a budget

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Country Rustic Camo Wedding Ideas and Wedding Invitations 2014

Recently we’ve witnessed the population of camo wedding rings and dresses, which is truly, deeply unique and personal. If you want to insert some vivid colors to this themed wedding, pink, orange, purple and yellow colors will surely make sense. The following are some fabulous camo wedding ideas for your reference.

Recently we’ve witnessed the population of camo wedding rings and dresses, which is truly, deeply unique and personal. If you want to insert some vivid colors to this themed wedding, pink, orange, purple and yellow colors will surely make sense. The following are some fabulous camo wedding ideas for your reference.


camo wedding food and drink ideas 2014

wood guest books for camo redneck wedding ideas 2014

wedding dresses and photo ideas for camo wedding ideas

camo wedding rings for country rustic redneck wedding ideas 2014

camo wedding photo ideas for country rustic weddings 2014

camo wedding cakes for country rustic redneck wedding ideas 2014

camo wedding cakes and wedding photo ideas 2014

bridesmaid dresses and photo ideas for camo wedding theme ideas 2014


Pink Camo Wedding InvitationsPink Camo Wedding Invitationsas low as $0.94

Rustic Camo Wedding InvitesRustic Camo Wedding Invitesas low as $0.94


“Trick or Treat” Halloween Inspired Wedding Ideas and Wedding Invitations

Celebrated with high spirits on October 31st, Halloween is considered to be the most successful holiday after Christmas. As known to all, black and orange are assigned as the Halloween colors; black being the epitome for darkness and death and orange, as symbolization of Fall harvest. During this holiday, people enjoy wearing Halloween costumes, visiting haunted places, narrating scary stories and participate in the most famous Halloween activity known as trick-or-treating. And today we’re talking about Halloween theme weddings and Halloween wedding invitations, which is a prefect theme for fall weddings. If you are thinking about having a Halloween wedding, here are some fabulous ideas for you.

 rustic halloween inspired fall wedding ideas with lace decorations

unique red and black halloween wedding ideas 2013

2013 halloween inspired black and white wedding ideas

2013 rustic halloween inspired fall wedding ideas

orange and black 2013 halloween wedding ideas with pumpkin decorations for fall

orange purple and black inspired halloween wedding with pumpkin decorations for fall

purple and silver halloween inspired fall wedding ideas 2013

To set the basic tone for your Halloween theme wedding, Halloween wedding invitations is a vital element to make a great impression and forewarns the guests in what to expect whenever you throw a party or Halloween wedding event. The invitation may help the guests decide whether to pursue or decline your invitation.

vintage orange and black halloween wedding invitations online affordable orange and black halloween inspired fall wedding invitations

purple and black lace halloween wedding invitations for fall orange purple and black halloween inpired fall wedding invitations online

Invitesweddings.com provides fabulous wedding invitations with great designs, quality papers and affordable price which starts at $0.94, including free shipping, free personalizations for wedding invitation colors, fonts, wordings and even for designs. They’d love to hear from you with any request for wedding stationery at service@invitesweddings.com

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Invitations for the Best Fall Wedding Color Themes

With crisp days and cool nights, autumn is one of the most perfect times for a wedding. Autumn is the season of rich and vibrant colors and can provide stunning photo opportunities with natural scenery offering the ideal backdrop. This year the top colors for this season are lime green, zesty orange and rich chocolate. We love how each of these colors resemble each month starting from the beginning of the season and the changing colors throughout fall. So September would be the perfect month to host a lime green theme and moving burnt oranges into October. Here are some ways to incorporate the colors into your theme and invitation designs.

fall green wedding ideas and invitations

green wedding invitation ideas and inspirations

green wedding invitations ideas and inspirations2

 Spring Bright Green Wedding Invitation IWI075as low as $0.94 per set Brimming Greenery Wedding Invitations IWI221as low as $0.94 per set

Mid-autumn sees the arrival of the zesty orange we spoke about, this is the most traditional and expected color for fall, but we love the use of other colors to give it a contemporary look. Also consider the change in motifs as the months move on.

cheap fall pumpkin wedding-ideas and invitations

 fallFFall Orange Dandelion Wedding Invitations IWI035as low as $0.94 per set Fall Orange Leaves Wedding Invitation IWI056as low as $0.94 per set

Finally the end of fall is here and what better color to use than rich warm chocolate, it’s great served with a mix of vibrant pinks and soft creams. It also announces the use of hot reception drinks to greet guests, with a warming tipple of Baileys.

fall chocolate wedding ideas and inspirations

 Maple Leave Fall Wedding Invitation IWI090as low as $0.94 per set Chocolate-brown Vine Wedding Invitation IWI043as low as $0.94 per set

Fall Wedding Ideas – Pumpkins

There’s no better way to say fall wedding than with a pumpkin. It sums up the style and theme immediately and creates a warming sense for every guest in sight. We love the striking burnt orange color against a stark white dress and the fact that you can actually paint one to your specific color. There’s so many ways to incorporate one into your wedding and what more is it’s a big money saver (if you don’t mind putting some handy work in).

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas

Pumpkin theme Weddings fall

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas2

fall pumpkin wedding photo ideas

If your budget is tight, then why not have your maids carry pumpkins or at least for a sneaky photo, we love this style above and love how the bride has carefully selected blooms to work with the pumpkins.

Tip: Make sure you scoop out the pumpkin to make them lighter or buy mini pumpkins to ensure your maids don’t end up with a bad back.

romantic fall pumpkin rustic wedding ceremony

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall wedding shoot ideas pumpkin

If you don’t want anyone carrying a pumpkin then why not just take a few photos in the farmers field, this really does say ‘fall’ and ‘rustic’.

fall pumpkin rutic wedding table setting ideasfall pumpkin rutic wedding dessert and drink ideas

Pumpkin-Wedding ideas fall & invitations

Be quirky and imaginative with your styling and make clever use of any spare bits of pumpkin, they really can just about decorate anywhere, candle, cakes, flower and beer holders and lastly why not have your wedding invitations designed with a special pumpkin motif invites weddings already have a great selection for you to choose from, but if you have your own ideas, simply contact us for a free consultation and we’ll set about making the perfect invitations for you. For more details, just contact us via invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

Affordable Floral Wedding Invitations for Casual Outdoor Venues – Part One

As recently mentioned in one of our previous blogs, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the casual and laid-back nature of a garden or beach party. So with this trend on up it’s no surprise that here at Invites Wedding we have decided to go floral crazy and have designed some rather gorgeous styles, which will work wonderfully with the outdoors theme; Here are some of our personal favorites.

romantic spring pink flower wedding invitations affordable bright yellow flower spring wedding invitations

The above design comes in two color stories and is the perfect choice for either a spring, summer and Autumn weddings due to the warm shades of pink and lemon. Below is one of our current bestsellers and is a great choice for Autumn venues of rustic barn celebrations, due to it warm rich chocolate hues.

inexpensive rustic brown floral country wedding invitations

Then we have a rather sketchy design, which evokes childhood memories and strong nostaligic emtions with it’s somewhat child-like feeling to the design. Plus the variety of color options make it available for wedding venues all year round.

cheap pink and yellow floral spring wedding invitations

cheap pink and red floral spring  garden wedding invitations

shades of blue floral winter wedding invitations

Or choose a spring bloom flower like this peach blossom design below.

budget sweet pink floral garden wedding invitations

bright yellow refreshing garden wedding invitations

fall orange floral garden wedding invitations

And finally summer wouldn’t be complete without a Sunflower would it? It is the symbol of happiness and strength.

yellow sunflower garden summer wedding invitations

Five Hottest Wedding Invitations For Rustic Theme Weddings

Rustic weddings are the hottest theme around at the moment! We think it’s the natural homespun charm that has got brides all giddy. It can be set in the woods, a rustic barn or even your own back yard, which gives the venue a more personal touch.

romantic rustic wedding decoration ideas useful country rustic wedding tips & inspirations

Whilst the idea may get most excited, we have to warn you that it may be more challenging than you initially think. So plan ahead, do your research and scour the Internet for tips and advice. We have some tips for you today, however it is more focused on your invitations and how you can link these into your theme.

informal neutral rustic fall wedding ideas and invitations

Consider your color palette carefully, whilst rusty browns and burnt oranges may seem the best choice there are other color options that will work just as well if not better. Make sure you add lots of white, to ensure your color scheme doesn’t become too dull and dark.

Look at what flowers will be in bloom and have this incorporated into your invitations.

rustic country bohemian wedding ideas and invitations

classic rustic sunflower fall wedding ideas and invitations

Why not pick a contrasting color that will really pop out, such as aqua green, duck egg blue or fuchsia pink. Carefully think what you may see at a rustic barn; doves, trees, leaves, pinecones? Then why not have some special motifs designed to suit the occasion.

romantic love birds rustic garden wedding inspirations and invitations

classic brown rustic wedding ideas and cheap simple invitations

Invitesweddings.com provides many  affordable rustic wedding invitations. All color can be customized and what’s even better is the service is absolutely free. For more information, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

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