Top 3 Tips on Wedding Receptions

A wedding reception is potentially the most important part of your big day, as guests will spend the majority of the day there; therefore if you are looking to leave a big impression amongst guests then attention should to focus in this area. Here are a few tips on what areas you will need to consider.


Your wedding theme will affect where you choose the location. Consider how you can make the most of your location, is there anything interesting about the place you’ll marry, an interesting history or is it somewhere that is famous for a particular food, drink or dance. This will heavily influence the color scheme.

 country receptionwedding receptions

Sometimes, receptions are held under stars and moons. An outer door night reception can bring unexpected effect.

 night reception


Decorations are usually influenced by theme, color, and budget or simply just to the bride and groom’s taste. Homemade flags, bunting, paper flowers and paper lanterns have become increasingly popular at wedding receptions, due to their homespun look and a cheaper alternative to other more pricey decorations.

 paper lantern reception decor

Food & Drink

Food and drink can be critical at a wedding and it is the one thing that will make guests leave 100% satisfied. We’re guessing this is mostly with the men, but women are more likely to be impressed by presentation and visual impact. So it’s important to get it right, make sure you can trial and test some food before you book. Make sure both you and the groom go so that you have varying opinions and taste buds.

reception foodreception drink

We hope this has helped you, should you require more information on how you can incorporate your invitations into your reception simply leave us a message right here or contact us at

Bohemian Wedding Inspirations and Invitations

There’s something wildly refreshing and romantic about a bohemian wedding. That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular amongst brides who desire a “natural” wedding during summer and autumn seasons.

If you are planning a bohemian themed wedding, seek out various inspirational tips from this blog from flowing gowns to floral headpieces. With fresh flowers on the bride’s polished mane, replacing recently popular glitzy headpieces and recycled invitations instead of shimmery card stock. All these particulars create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere and brides only need to look for simple and natural pieces to create the perfect Boho wedding!

Boho Wedding Sample No. 1

boho wedding ideasBoho Wedding Sample No. 2

boho wedding ideaBoho Wedding Sample No. 3

bohemian weddingsBoho Wedding Sample No. 4

boho wedding inspirationsBoho Wedding Sample No. 5

bohemian wedding ideasBoho Wedding Sample No. 6

boho wedding inspiration

Here are some invitations from to set the tone for your fabulous Boho outdoorsy wedding. 

Exquisite Tree Wedding Invitation IWI218Exquisite Tree Wedding Invitation IWI218as low as $0.94 per

Braw Holy Land Wedding Invitations IWI227Braw Holy Land Wedding Invitations IWI227as low as $0.94 per

Natural Ribbon And Lables Folded Wedding Invitations IWGY011Natural Ribbon And Lables Folded Wedding Invitations IWGY011as low as $1.59 per

Varied Beautiful Floral Designed Folded Wedding Invites IWGY023Varied Beautiful Floral Designed Folded Wedding Invites IWGY023as low as $1.59 per


Cheap Beach Wedding Inspirations And Invitations

If you want to know how much I love you, count the waves.

beach weddings

A beach wedding is definitely an amazing theme. When you picture it, you may dream of the soft white sand, cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunset in the distance. It could be very relaxing and romantic. The beach is a fantastic background for any event, and wedding is probably one of the most important events in one’s life.


I’d like to tell you some brilliant beach wedding ideas by showing you the following real beach wedding pictures.

1. Choose a cool bouquet of shells, star fish and other pieces. If you are a traditional bride, flowers in all shades of blue or the white calla lily are also very good match for beach weddings.

starfish-beach-wedding-bouquet starfish bouquetbeach calla lily bouquet beach wedding bouquet

2.  Dress up in a romantic wedding gown and accessories.

beach wedding dress beach wedding gown beach wedding dresses wedding gown beachbeach-weddings-rings

3.  Sea shells garlands, lanterns, sea themed favors and some other decorations made of sea shells or star fish are sure to blow your guests’ mind.

beach-wedding-name-place-holders beach-wedding-favors beach-wedding-centerpieces fashionable-beach-wedding-inspiration-20-500x750 beach wedding table decoration beach wedding scene beach wedding light beach wedding inspration beach wedding ideas beach wedding decoration


4.  InvitesWeddings offer some cheap fantastic beach wedding invites.

Fantastic Beach Themed Wedding Invitations IWI001Fantastic Beach Themed Wedding Invitations IWI001
as low as $0.94

Beach Footprints Wedding Invitation IWI065Beach Footprints Wedding Invitation IWI065as low as $0.94


Pleasure On the Beach Wedding Invitations IWI225Pleasure On the Beach Wedding Invitations IWI225as low as $0.94

Beach Themed Green Tree Wedding Invitation IWI054Beach Themed Green Tree Wedding Invitation IWI054as low as $0.94


Bridesmaid Dog,Surprise On Wedding

Bridesmaid, your best friends? You can think something that is more interesting. Dogs are friends of people especially when you have raised the dog for a long time and you will have a deep relationship with the dog. They want to share the happiness withe the dog they love and they think that would be fun. And actually it is fun.Let’s take a look at of all kinds of cute bridesmaid dogs.

chihuahua bridesmaid dog

This cute chihuahua is look into the mirror in the dressing room and at the same time keep company of the bride. Your people bridesmaid can also have fun with the dog when waiting for you to get dressed up and finish your makeup. It is always fun to play with a cute dog.

What you need to keep in mind is that the dog won’t bite. The dog better to be gentle. There will be lots of people the dog never seen and he might also be nervous or afraid so have someone to keep an eye on the dog to comfort it. Also protect the kids on wedding. Kids sometimes are naughty and they might make the dog angry or annoyed.

golden retriever bridesmaid dog

Personally I love this golden retriever very much.Golden retrievers are very clever and they understand what you are thinking and talking about sometime. It is not only wise but also safe to have a golden retriever as your bridesmaid dog. Golden retriever will not bite people if people are nice to them. What a lovely dog. How do you think about golden retriever?

English bulldog

English bulldog is said to be the saddest dog in the world. Look at its poor eyes and big poor face. Do you feel sorry for him? But some people just love bulldogs. They are strong enough and if you let it take a board saying:here comes the bride will be a surprise to the guests on the wedding ceremony. The first thing is that you are going to have an outdoor wedding. So the dog can run and you know, something that it needs to do.

It might not be convenience for you to take a dog when you are walking down the aisle with your husband-to-be. Why not have someone to take the dog for you ? For example you can have one of your friends or family member to take the dog. After the dog is you with your bridesmaid wearing fabulous skirts. How lovely!bridesmaid dog


Ideas For Your Mini Wedding Party

Should your wedding will be held in a garden or in a church I guess there won’t be lots of guests. Lunch or dinner can be served as a garden BBQ. It will be both fun and yummy. Gathering all your friends in a garden and cooking by yourselves or you can also heir a chief to help. This is a way I love. Even though wedding is an important event in your life you can choose to share the happiness with more people or you can choose to share the happiness with your close friends.

After a mania celebration you can have a big meal with all. A garden BBQ with cocktail party is perfect. Except for meat such as pork and beef there are a wide range for you to think about on your BBQ party. Sausages and corns are special dishes. Put them on a pan and then heat them for several minutes they will be OK to eat.

BBQ weddings

A whole piece of pork is always inviting. Chicken is delicious. Potatoes are rarely seen on BBQ. But once you taste them you will never forget the taste.

BBQ wedding ideas

A new way to BBQ. Putting mushrooms, toufu and green pepper or red pepper on a small stick and then put the stick on fire. Scatter some salt and pepper or other seasonings on. After several minutes they will be ready to eat. Actually you don’t have to follow this receipt. You can put whatever  meat or vegetables you love on the stick for BBQ. Best way is serve all the vegetables and pork, beef, chicken, fish, sausages or even duck meat. This will be a buffet wedding BBQ. What’s more guests will save time and energy to use knife and fork. If the guests need to walk around they can take this BBQ meat stick to walk around and talk to each other.This new idea will be welcomed by kids. They are fond of new things and interesting things especially the interesting thing is about yum.


First you can make a survey to know that what kind of meat and vegetables your family members and friends love then prepare more for them.

BBQ is too hot. On the lunch or dinner serve some fruits or cold beverage for the guests. Cocktail is always popular between people from all ages.

bbq wedding

Enjoy your yummy and inviting wedding.

Romantic winter wedding inspirations and suggested winter wedding cards

Every season has its own charm, including winter. The charm of winter is the all white world,clear air and falling snow. Snow is the angel of winter. For the setting part you can take advantage of snow to make a fairy tale like wedding. Unlike weddings in spring or summer,winter is always chilly and the wedding dress should has a function to keep warm and make your more beautiful at the same time. Day time in winter is short you can think about a evening wedding ceremony instead.

First let’s take a look at some stunning winter bridal gowns.This one is not so long as walking in the snow is kinda difficult. You can wear a pair of boots. Wedding dress with the snow is all white so if you add some outstanding colors on your dress it would be really nice.

winter wedding dress

You can either wear a long black jacket or wind coat.Two bold colors will make your both handsome and beautiful.

winter bridal gown

If the place where your wedding will be is under a snow mountain it’s better.Walking on the snow and listen to the sound how lovely it is. Here you can find some souvenir for your wedding.Also the guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery.Pine trees in winter are really nice. Strongly recommend you hold a wedding ceremony in a far away place with pure snow to enjoy the peace.

Wedding bouquet. Green or red wedding bouquet for a winter wedding is absolutely right. The color will be more outstanding in the white setting. To work with the color of your bouquet you can make your hairstyle with the same color.I am crazy for green wedding bouquet in winter. Green is the color of new life.Winter is the season to hold all your strength and wait for the spring comes. Get married is a symbol that you are having a new life. You are not only yourself from that day on and you’ve got a family to love,a mate to keep company of.

romantic winter wedding

Dreamy wedding setting.Not so bright not so dark just proper to have a romantic and quiet wedding. “Snow” was piled up around the “tree”.The trees made an aisle for you and your mate. How romantic to walk down the dreamy aisle. Isn’t it what you want from a little girl? To be a princess and now you are a real princess.

Trees with snow covered in the house.Suitable for a buffet decoration and cocktail party decor.

We cannot forget the wedding invitations.Snow flake and snow mountains themed wedding invitations are commonly seen.But they are not the only choices. Blue or white invitations are good choices. Check for the cheap winter wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer if you are planning a romantic winter wedding.

Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228Winter-Dreamy-World-Invites-Wedding-p-IWI228as low as $0.94

Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091Winter-Royal-Blue-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI091as low as $0.94


Great Ideas of Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach wedding are usually romantic and light-hearted. A wonderful beach wedding cake are indispensable and can make your wedding more impressive. It acts an important role in your wedding. People often apply the elements on the beach to their wedding cake. In order to seek perfect beach wedding cake, let us preview and discuss some popular wedding cakes.

         1.The Seashell and Starfish Wedding Cakesbeach-wedding-cakes-starfishseashell and starfish wedding cake

The above two wedding cakes are so lovely and just blow people away at the first sight. The left one have two starfish decorated as bride and groom, it’s quite funny and show the purpose which is decorating the splendid wedding. All the design on this cake bring the seaside into mind. The azure spoondrifts together with the seashells, starfish and sea snails make all the attendants feel the ease and joy. Everyone is sure to enjoy such a great wedding cake. The right wedding cake also shows the wedding theme vividly. The gorgeous lifelike seashells enhance the happiness when the attendants see and taste this wedding cake. What a happy thing to have such a beautiful wedding cake!

          2.Cute Cupcakes for the Wedding


This wedding cake is magnificent and colorful. It is certainly an inviting and pretty wedding cake. These colorful cupcakes looks delicious and seashell-shaped cream can be seen on most cupcakes. Children must love it much more for the unique design. Attendants can choose whichever cupcake according to the color or design they are interested in. This wedding cake also provide various flavor, as we know, this meet the needs of different guests. Such a brilliant wedding cake can be unforgettable.

        3.Sand Style Wedding Cake

Sand style wedding cakeSeashell on the Sand wedding cake

These wedding cake must remind you of the sand beach. These wedding cakes are resembled as sand. The design itself is so fantasy and refreshing. We can always feel the comfort and fun from this style of wedding cake. Guests are bounded to praise the wedding cake as well as the wedding itself.

A fine wedding cake will brighten your wedding and yourselves. In addition, a wedding can’t be perfect without a terrific wedding cake. So it is important for you to put proper energy in choosing your unique wedding cake.

Thinking of throwing a colorful summer wedding

Summer and spring are the best wedding seasons. In summer and spring flowers are blooming in a riot of color. In the other hand, too many choice make you can’t make a decision on the wedding colors.

So, do you know what colors are perfect for your summer/spring theme wedding? Well, the best way to choose your wedding color is to let the season be your guide.  What colors naturally appear together, and as a result, would look beautiful and special? Choosing wedding color is not a hard task, but if you want to be more special and beautiful, then these color combos inspired by summer can help you.

Gorgeous Aqua Wedding

Beach Weddingbeach wedding 2

One of the wedding themes which suit the color aqua is the beach wedding. Summer, for many, means time on the beach and beaches are filled with this color combo as the cool waters rush up to meet the sand.  For wedding dresses, you might not to beach color gown, the white wedding dress is perfect for everything wedding.

In sticking with the beach themed wedding, you might desire to choose beach color bridesmaid dresses, such as blue or green. And you can add other sunshine colors in the color combo, such as orange, red, hot pink….

Simple beach wedding

For flowers, you may not choose the color aqua, you have a couple of options.  You can get any flowers that can find in summer.

Creative Rainbow Wedding

Rainbow bridesmaid dresses

Many brides just choose one or two colors for her wedding. Don’t limit the number of colors you can have. You will find creative rainbow wedding can be more chic, special and unique.

Each of the bridesmaids can wear a different color and each had a different bouquet of rainbow flowers. For instance, if you have four bridesmaids for your wedding, each of them can choose a color for their dress.

One girl would wear a long red gown, while her match on the men’s side sports a red tie and red flower corsage.  Similarly, other pairs could be dressed in purple, pink, yellow, and orange.

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