10 Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Creative and Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can totally consume you. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to get featured in a wedding magazine you know only if you take some time to read the following 10 helpful and easy tips. Let’s wow your guests with easy, affordable, and unforgettable treats that you can make on your own. :)

cheap wedding decoration ideas for Paper Cone Rice Tossers

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cheap do it yourself chalkboard wedding program ideas

You know, guests never really know what to do with their paper programs after the ceremony anyway. So why not avoid the waste by painting over a large, salvaged mirror with chalkboard paint?

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DIY floral table wedding centerpieces ideas

So easy, right? Actually, you don’t need to have any prior flower arranging experience to create these simple but stunning centerpieces.

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inexpensive wedding decoration ideas of lavender and tulle chairbacks

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mason jar and twine flower holders diy wedding decoration ideas

You can hang them over the chairs by the aisle. Small daisies and lavender look best and it doesn’t require any professional flower arranging knowledge. :)

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lace ribbon mason jars wedding decor ideas

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diy Mrs & Mrs standard wedding decorations

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diy wedding hanger ideas

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DIY flower chandelier budget wedding ideas

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wedding tissue paper pom pom ideas on a budget

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Glamorous Rainbow Wedding Ideas

Having a problem choosing a specific color for your wedding? Are there just too many color choices and combos to get your head around? Then why not opt for them all with a rainbow themed wedding! A rainbow wedding is not only unique and cheery, but it’s fun and will look amazing on your wedding photography.

Rainbows are symbol of promise, so it’s a meaningful way to set the rainbow as your theme just like the vows you will take during the ceremony.

Here are some of our favorite ways to explore the rainbow theme at your wedding.

Rainbow bridesmaid dresses

This will look fabulous on photos and there should be a color for every maid to suit, just make sure you are having more maids to ensure the ideas works properly. Also ask your maids which colors they like and if they are happy with the color they will wear, perhaps you can suggest a shade lighter or darker for each color.

rainbow bridesmaid dresses

Rainbow Accessories

This is a great way to get the men involved too; they can do this with shoes, bow ties, suspenders and even sunglasses! This idea again will ensure you get fabulous snaps on the day.

rainbow weddings

More rainbow colors for your maids

rainbow bridesmaid dressesrainbow bridesmaid dresses

Have your crew hold up colorful hearts or balloons for photos.

fantastic rainbow theme wedding photography ideas

colorful balloonsrainbow wedding ideas

Rainbow Style Desserts

Don’t overcook the rainbow theme and find sneaky ways for the color to break through, such as when you slice open the cake. Or if you want a striking rainbow theme, why not find colorful cupcakes and candy to decorate your desert table.

rainbow wedding ideas rainbow wedding

Rainbow Wedding Decorations

This can be done with flowers and props such as bright and colorful books and bits and pieces that you may have lying around at home. Be creative and imaginative when it comes to your decoration ideas.

rainbow wedding ideas rainbow wedding cakes rainbow weddings bright rainbow colors wedding decoration ideas rainbow wedding  decorations rainbow wedding  decorations rainbow weddings


Top Unique and Modern Wedding Ideas and Wedding Invitations

You can search many unique and modern wedding ideas on the Internet today and adopt many superb ideas for your big day. However the more people search through popular sites, it no longer becomes an original and unique idea. So today we’d like to introduce some truly new and unique modern wedding ideas and ideas that will also translate well into wedding invitations.  How about taking a favorite novel or film for your inspiration and let it reflect your individual personality.


twilight wedding and invitationstwilight wedding and  wedding invitations

The Vampire Diaries

vampire weddingvampire wedding and invitations

Other film collections

film invitations

Other special requirements

If films simply don’t inspire you then why not tell us what does, such as a Harley Davidson or a vintage airplane. Send us your ideas and we’ll come up with the rest! Feel free to contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com


personalized invitations

SEVEN Elegant Lace Wedding Invitations

We all love lace as lace possesses the ethereal and feminine feature in a perfect way. Brides and groom who are seeking for romantic wedding would most probably choose lace as their wedding theme. Lace is the number one choice of the vintage bride as well. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with lace too after watching the this scrupulously collected inspirational post.

wedding ideas

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitations

lace wedding invitation-4

lace wedding invitation-2

lace wedding invitation-5

lace wedding invitation-7If you are interested in one of them, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com for more information.


Gold Wedding Inspirations And Wedding Invitations

As wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life, you deserve to sparkle and shine on your big day. Not to say that gold is quite a classic color scheme for weddings. Actually, all that glitters can be gold in a wedding. We love gold charger plates, chairs, centerpieces,and even wedding cake! In this post, i’m going to show you some gorgeous ideas about gold weddings.

gold wedding inspirations

Gold bridesmaid dresses, soooo cute!
gold bridesmaid dresses

Shiny gold wedding shoes:
gold wedding shoes

shiny gold bridal shoes

gold wedding necklaces:

gold wedding necklace

unique gold wedding necklace

gold wedding cakes:romantic gold wedding cake

gold wedding cake

cute gold wedding cake

gold wedding decoration ideas:gold wedding decoration

gold wedding decoration ideas gold wedding decoration ideaHere are some exquisite gold wedding invitations that we offer.

Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01as low as $1.29 per set

Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05
as low as $1.29 per set

Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07
as low as $1.29 per set

Everything about Fuchsia & Black Themed Weddings

Today’s inspiration board is about fuchsia and black themed weddings. Everyone knows how important role it is for a creative thought to play in a unforgettable wedding. Thus, our aim is to bring you a series of inspired wedding ideas to provide you some inspirations for your big day.

Fuchsia is a bold color. That’s why it is always paired with another dark color to make it stand out. The color combination of fuchsia and black definitely gives you a sophisticated finish to the entire contrast.

Gorgeous pink and black damask place settings

Because fuchsia is a feminine color, it is easy for your bridesmaids to accept this color. However, some grooms and groomsmen don’t want to look too feminine, in that case, simply pin up a fuchsia boutonniere on their black tux.

Fuchsia And Black wedding theme

Fuchsia bridesmaid dress

Fuchsia bridesmaid dresses

Fuchsia And Black boutonnieres

Here are some fuchsia and black wedding bouquets.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding bouquet

Fuchsia & Black Wedding bouquet

 Speaking of fuchsia and black wedding cakes, there are many different options. Here are two of my favorite cakes.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding caket

Fuchsia And Black Wedding cake

With that in mind, you can also design your decor using the same contrast.

Fuchsia And Black table cloth

Fuchsia And Black favor boxes

Fuchsia & Black Wedding decorations

elegant Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor

Black and Hot Pink Damask Chocolate Favors

Fuschia Orchids Centerpieces

Fuchsia And Black wedding guest book

Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor


At least, let me introduce you some of our fabulous fuchsia and black wedding invitations:

Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130as low as $0.94

Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114as low as $0.94

Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI074 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI162 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI220

Everything About Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Royal blue is a gorgeous deep color that evokes images of sprawling oceans, beautiful lakes or even royalty. This article tells you how you can use royal blue in your wedding can help create the perfect special day you have been planning. Attire While brides traditional choice is a white wedding gown, you can use a necklace decorated with a royal blue sapphire stone to add some color or wear sapphire earrings. Another brilliant idea is to have a royal blue satin sash around the waist to accent a white dress. Bri



























desmaids can wear royal blue dresses and have white flowers or hairpieces.

beach royal blue bridesmaid dressess_1

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

royal blue wedidng gown

royal blue wedding dress

Decor There are hundreds of centerpiece ideas that can utilize royal color beautifully. For instance, you can choose a floating candle centerpiece and fill a glass bowl with water and add three or four drops of blue food coloring to make the water in royal blue. Then top it off with white floating candle tea lights. You can also do royal blue tablecloths in this case. royal blue wedding decors

royal blue weddings

Flowers You are suggested to decorate your wedding floral motifs with royal blue. Some flowers are naturally royal blue, such as orchids or hibiscus flowers. Some aren’t blue but can be dyed royal blue, such as roses and carnations.

royal blue wedding bouquets

royal blue wedding bouquet

Cake Your cake can be included to match your royal blue idea as well.

royal blue wedding cakes

flower royal blue wedding cake

Shoes I do love the idea of royal blue wedding shoes… it’s a thought! Take care of the “something blue” :) .

royal blue bridal shoes

elegant royal blue wedding shoes

royal blue wedding shoes

Invitations Here are some royal blue wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer.

Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations Cheap Royal Blue Floral Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set

Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations Vintage Royal Blue Wedding Invitations as low as $0.94 per set


Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation Charming Gradient Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation Mordern Royal Blue Wedding Invitation as low as $0.94 per set

 Image credits: englishrosecakesandbakes

Black And White Wedding Invitations

You have to admit that black and white wedding invitations are the perfect way to add flawless elegance to your weddings. If you choose black and white as your wedding colors, you would not probably want your guests to only keep it on the fridge for months after your wedding, right? Even if your wedding style isn’t quite as splashy as Kim Kardashian’s, you can buy the invitation which is as super-glam as hers. Check out the following invitations, which one is your favourite?

kk invite









To view more black and wedding invitations, check out our black wedding invitations gallery. 


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