2015 Top 10 Useful Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

More and more brides would love to embrace things in vintage for their weddings which gives a stylish and romantic nod to the past with these details. You can find things like delicate lace, old-fashioned typed labels, fabric signs, glass bottles in a vintage wedding. If you are one of those brides planning a vintage wedding, take a look at the 12 amazing vintage wedding decoration ideas below. You’ll surely get inspired. :)
top 12 useful vintage wedding ideas

1. Antique containers and old-fashioned typed labels are a fabulous idea to enhance the vintage look!

rustic vintage DIY wedding ideas

Image Credit: samanthawardphotography

2. Tie softer fabric signs to the backs of chairs at your wedding reception.

vintage wedding decoration ideas

Image Credit: samanthawardphotography

3. Display neutral confetti cones in reclaimed wooden crates made from newspaper.

vintage confetti cones display wedding ideas

 Image Credit: samanthawardphotography

4. You can decorate your wedding cake like this to make it vintage and match your bouquet as well.

vintage wedding cake ideas

Image Credit: nealejames

5. Use old photos,  wedding guest book or menu, candles, glass bottles, vintage maps and some other accessories to create a vintage display table that you’ll fall in love with.

vintage wedding display table ideas

Image Credit: tony.gameiro

6. Use vintage mason jars – it’s a high-five to guests who value the “old-time” things.

vintage mason jars wedding decoration idea

vintage mason jars wedding decoration ideas

Image Credit: paperblog

7. Vintage Latter For Wedding Display: you can either use initials of your names or simply the word LOVE.

 vintage wedding latter display ideavintage wedding latter display ideas

Image Credit: rusticweddingchic

8. Use delicate lace stem to wrap the blush pink bouquet- the color and texture are perfect for classic vintage look.

vintage lace bridal bouquet ideas

Image Credit: wantthatwedding

9.  There was a time when the doily was confined to Grandma’s house, but the lovely doily has made a strong comeback. How about adding some doilies to your wedding reception?

vintage doily wedding decoration ideas

Image Credit: modernwedding

10. Place your guest book on a table beside a rented photo booth. Guests can paste their snapshot in your book along with their good wishes for your future.

DIY wedding photo wedding ideas

Here are some vintage style invitations that invitesweddings offer.

Hot Vintage Burlap Autumn Wedding Invitations IWI266Hot Vintage Burlap Autumn Wedding Invites IWI266as low as $0.94

Illustrated Vintage Couple Pocket Invites IWGY063Illustrated Vintage Couple Pocket Invites IWGY063as low as $1.69

Affordable Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation IWI308Affordable Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation IWI308as low as $0.94

Vintage Custard Yellow Lace Design Wedding Invites IWI310 Vintage Yellow Lace Wedding Invites IWI310 as low as $0.94

15 Tips to Plan A Perfect Vintage Wedding

1. Suitable veils and gloves can add a touch of vintage to bridal looks.

fabulous vintage wedding dresses and veils for retro weddings

retro vintage lace wedding dresses and veils

1920s vintage wedding dress veils and gloves

2.Sending vintage wedding invitations to set the tone for your big day.

shabby chic vintage wedding invitations affordable

As low as $0.94, click for details

cheap purple vintage wedding invitations online

As low as $0.94, click for details

3.Dress up your dessert table and sweet treats with a pretty vintage cake stand.

wedding cakes stands and table decors for vintage wedding ideas

vintage wedding cakes stands with paper butterflies decorations

4.Place authentic milk crates throughout as accent decor to hold rich greenery or warm throws.

vintage milk crates table decorations for retro weddings

5.A vintage suitcase at the reception entry makes for a lovely card holder.

vintage suitcase card holder decoration ideas

suitacase table decorations for vintage weddings 2014

6.Spice up the seating with an ornate vintage couch and colorful throw pillows.

vintage wedding decoration ideas couch and throw pillows

vintage couch and throw pillows for vintage decorations

7.Vintage vessels are perfect for holding your pretty petals.

vessels with flowers table decoration ideas for vintage weddings

8.Place a few vintage books on the guest book table with a few random florals.

vintage books and vessels for wedding decoration ideas

9.Try using vintage frames to add a bit of playfulness to your wedding.

vintage frames decoration ideas for retro weddings

creative wedding photo ideas with vintage frames

10.Add some gorgeous mismatched table settings, linens and vintage glassware.

rustic burlap and lace mismatched table settings for vintage weddings

11.For a bit of color at an al fresco wedding, hang a handmade hankie banner.

handmade hankie banner for vintage table decorations

12.Or, pop a mini message banner on top of your cake.

vintage wedding cakes with handmade message paper on the top

13.Having a vintage wedding car.

white vintage wedding cars for vintage wedding ideas

vintage lace long wedding dresses and green wedding car

14.Pay attention to vintage bridesmaid dresses.

mismatched vintage lace floral short bridesmaid dresses

mismatched lace long vintage bridesmaid dresses

15.Handmade favors are the best. Wrap jars of jam or honey with vintage fabric and a sweet tag.

handmade vintage wedding favors

Invitesweddings.com provides fabulous wedding invitations with great designs, quality papers and affordable price which starts at $0.94, including free shipping, free personalizations for wedding invitation colors, fonts, wordings and even for designs. They’d love to hear from you with any request for wedding stationery at service@invitesweddings.com

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Affordable Floral Wedding Invitations for Casual Outdoor Venues – Part One

As recently mentioned in one of our previous blogs, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the casual and laid-back nature of a garden or beach party. So with this trend on up it’s no surprise that here at Invites Wedding we have decided to go floral crazy and have designed some rather gorgeous styles, which will work wonderfully with the outdoors theme; Here are some of our personal favorites.

romantic spring pink flower wedding invitations affordable bright yellow flower spring wedding invitations

The above design comes in two color stories and is the perfect choice for either a spring, summer and Autumn weddings due to the warm shades of pink and lemon. Below is one of our current bestsellers and is a great choice for Autumn venues of rustic barn celebrations, due to it warm rich chocolate hues.

inexpensive rustic brown floral country wedding invitations

Then we have a rather sketchy design, which evokes childhood memories and strong nostaligic emtions with it’s somewhat child-like feeling to the design. Plus the variety of color options make it available for wedding venues all year round.

cheap pink and yellow floral spring wedding invitations

cheap pink and red floral spring  garden wedding invitations

shades of blue floral winter wedding invitations

Or choose a spring bloom flower like this peach blossom design below.

budget sweet pink floral garden wedding invitations

bright yellow refreshing garden wedding invitations

fall orange floral garden wedding invitations

And finally summer wouldn’t be complete without a Sunflower would it? It is the symbol of happiness and strength.

yellow sunflower garden summer wedding invitations

Classic White Wedding Ideas for Wedding Invitations

White has always been the most traditional color for a wedding and one which will never cease to fail. No matter what season, era, or location your wedding is held in, white will always be regarded as classic and elegant. Brides can look super stunning with white rose bouquets, lace accessories and pearl earrings, so why not continue this look into your wedding themes and invitations?

white wedding ideas

To cater for popular wedding trends, why not try a white lace wedding. Incorporate a stunning vintage lace dress, with lace invitations, lace cupcakes and a lace table cloth for something extra special.

lace white wedding

wedding ideawhite weddingwhite weddig idea


Consider eco-friendly balloons, lanterns and even yummy cookies decorated in delicious white icing. Cakes can be simple in white, but it’s the small attention to detail that can really bowl over your wedding guests. Flowers look opulent in white and match this with place cards, table numbers and your wedding invitations for the perfect look. Don’t be afraid to add a peek of color in there, such as a sharp contrast of black, silver, gold or blush pink, but remember to keep the color to a minimum, you only want a small flash of color.

Inspired by white? Why not contact us for a quick chat to discuss how to customize your dream wedding invitations. Contact is via email at invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.


Dandelion Ribbon And Lables Folded Wedding Invitations IWGY005Dandelion Ribbon And Lables Folded Wedding Invitations IWGY005as low as $1.59 per set

Graceful Love Union Folded Wedding Invites IWGY031Graceful Love Union Folded Wedding Invites IWGY031as low as $1.59 per set

Cartoon Ribbon Layered Wedding Invitations IWGY008Cartoon Ribbon Layered Wedding Invitations IWGY008as low as $1.59 per set


2014 Hot Wedding Trends

There are so many things to talk about when we turn to 2014 wedding trends like theme, color & decorations. Wedding is such a big even in our life but planning a wedding may be very time consuming and tired. The following 3 wedding trends will be helpful for you to choose your theme and relief you from the following stuffs.

Vintage wedding

Although vintage wedding is very often, this year it is the hottest for vintage weddings. Not only are vintage stylish wedding addresses in a leading role, but also many vintage wedding centerpieces, decors are common in a vintage wedding.

vintage wedding things vintage wedding

Mint green

The fresh and chic mint green has already been the hottest in this year, so do the following years. You can hardly imagine the popularity the color brings, definitely giving you an unforgettable wedding.

mint wedding & invitationsmint wedding & flowersmint wedding


Lately backdrops wedding background is in an increasing popular in an outer door wedding. Some hand-made origami, pearls, stunning jewelry can be your chief considerations to decorate background.

ribbon backdrops

trees backdropsboard backdrops

At InvitesWeddings, we offer a large quantity vintage wedding invitations and mint green wedding invitations. You can customize all our invitations to be your wedding color and the change is free. Feel free to contact us at invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

SEVEN Elegant Lace Wedding Invitations

We all love lace as lace possesses the ethereal and feminine feature in a perfect way. Brides and groom who are seeking for romantic wedding would most probably choose lace as their wedding theme. Lace is the number one choice of the vintage bride as well. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with lace too after watching the this scrupulously collected inspirational post.

wedding ideas

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitation

lace wedding invitations

lace wedding invitation-4

lace wedding invitation-2

lace wedding invitation-5

lace wedding invitation-7If you are interested in one of them, please contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com for more information.


Gold Wedding Inspirations And Wedding Invitations

As wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life, you deserve to sparkle and shine on your big day. Not to say that gold is quite a classic color scheme for weddings. Actually, all that glitters can be gold in a wedding. We love gold charger plates, chairs, centerpieces,and even wedding cake! In this post, i’m going to show you some gorgeous ideas about gold weddings.

gold wedding inspirations

Gold bridesmaid dresses, soooo cute!
gold bridesmaid dresses

Shiny gold wedding shoes:
gold wedding shoes

shiny gold bridal shoes

gold wedding necklaces:

gold wedding necklace

unique gold wedding necklace

gold wedding cakes:romantic gold wedding cake

gold wedding cake

cute gold wedding cake

gold wedding decoration ideas:gold wedding decoration

gold wedding decoration ideas gold wedding decoration ideaHere are some exquisite gold wedding invitations that we offer.

Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01Romantic Gold And White Heart Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD01as low as $1.29 per set

Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05Tri Fold Golden Flowers And Ribbon Wedding Invitations IWZD05
as low as $1.29 per set

Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07Gold Betterfly And Flowers Tri Folded Wedding Invitations IWZD07
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Everything about Fuchsia & Black Themed Weddings

Today’s inspiration board is about fuchsia and black themed weddings. Everyone knows how important role it is for a creative thought to play in a unforgettable wedding. Thus, our aim is to bring you a series of inspired wedding ideas to provide you some inspirations for your big day.

Fuchsia is a bold color. That’s why it is always paired with another dark color to make it stand out. The color combination of fuchsia and black definitely gives you a sophisticated finish to the entire contrast.

Gorgeous pink and black damask place settings

Because fuchsia is a feminine color, it is easy for your bridesmaids to accept this color. However, some grooms and groomsmen don’t want to look too feminine, in that case, simply pin up a fuchsia boutonniere on their black tux.

Fuchsia And Black wedding theme

Fuchsia bridesmaid dress

Fuchsia bridesmaid dresses

Fuchsia And Black boutonnieres

Here are some fuchsia and black wedding bouquets.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding bouquet

Fuchsia & Black Wedding bouquet

 Speaking of fuchsia and black wedding cakes, there are many different options. Here are two of my favorite cakes.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding caket

Fuchsia And Black Wedding cake

With that in mind, you can also design your decor using the same contrast.

Fuchsia And Black table cloth

Fuchsia And Black favor boxes

Fuchsia & Black Wedding decorations

elegant Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor

Black and Hot Pink Damask Chocolate Favors

Fuschia Orchids Centerpieces

Fuchsia And Black wedding guest book

Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor


At least, let me introduce you some of our fabulous fuchsia and black wedding invitations:

Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130as low as $0.94

Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114as low as $0.94

Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI074 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI162 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI220

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