Make Your Winter Wedding Become Your Dreams

If your wedding is held in winter, you may be a lucky one to get married in such a beautiful and romantic season. We can imagine in the beautiful view of falling snowflakes, crisp air and icy evening, a new couple exchange their vows and are celebrated by God, family and friends. What a warm time! Here are some suggestions that will make your winter dream come ture.

kisskiss in lakeMany new couples may take theme color as their first consideration. The color your choose must be able to reflect the character of the season. White, silver and gold is highly recommended. Most couple will use snow white as their color. And the achievements are wondering.

silver theme

After that, you can consider some decorations and ornaments. A pine can be your certerpiece. The tree can be put in the centre of reception hall. It the bring us the smell of winter. You can use some ribbon and white flowers to decorate the tree.

pine tree

Ribbon and flowers can be used in many setting. The dinning table, the wall, and the stage can all use these decorations. This will add romantic factors to your wedding ceremony.

flower in table

Candle may be very necessary in many winter wedding. So, make sure you don’t forget put some candle in your wedding. It will bring your guests a feeling of warm and help the most of light.


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