18 Must-Have Fun Wedding Photo Ideas That You’ll Love

18 fun unique wedding photo ideas

While traditional wedding photos are so important, creative shots can make your’s photos stand out  and make your special day more memorable. So we’ve compiled a list of wedding photo ideas. Get inspired by these picture-perfect moments. :)

creative engagement photo ideas

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2015 fun wedding photo ideas

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creative engagement photo ideas

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traditional wedding photo ideas

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Unusual Wedding Photos_ideas

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Romantic Wedding Photo Ideas

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wedding photo shoot ideas

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wedding photo shoot ideas

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Unique Bride and Groom wedding photos

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wedding photo list

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Creative Wedding Pose ideas

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Wedding Photo Ideas and Pose

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forever wedding photo ideas

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Classic Wedding Photo Frame Ideas

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outdoor wedding photo ideas

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outdoor wedding photo poses

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bridesmaid wedding photo idea

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creative wedding photo ideas

Image Credit: twistedbeans 

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“Trick or Treat” Halloween Inspired Wedding Ideas and Wedding Invitations

Celebrated with high spirits on October 31st, Halloween is considered to be the most successful holiday after Christmas. As known to all, black and orange are assigned as the Halloween colors; black being the epitome for darkness and death and orange, as symbolization of Fall harvest. During this holiday, people enjoy wearing Halloween costumes, visiting haunted places, narrating scary stories and participate in the most famous Halloween activity known as trick-or-treating. And today we’re talking about Halloween theme weddings and Halloween wedding invitations, which is a prefect theme for fall weddings. If you are thinking about having a Halloween wedding, here are some fabulous ideas for you.

 rustic halloween inspired fall wedding ideas with lace decorations

unique red and black halloween wedding ideas 2013

2013 halloween inspired black and white wedding ideas

2013 rustic halloween inspired fall wedding ideas

orange and black 2013 halloween wedding ideas with pumpkin decorations for fall

orange purple and black inspired halloween wedding with pumpkin decorations for fall

purple and silver halloween inspired fall wedding ideas 2013

To set the basic tone for your Halloween theme wedding, Halloween wedding invitations is a vital element to make a great impression and forewarns the guests in what to expect whenever you throw a party or Halloween wedding event. The invitation may help the guests decide whether to pursue or decline your invitation.

vintage orange and black halloween wedding invitations online affordable orange and black halloween inspired fall wedding invitations

purple and black lace halloween wedding invitations for fall orange purple and black halloween inpired fall wedding invitations online

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Polka Dots Inspired Wedding Ideas and Invitations

Today we’re talking about the polka dots wedding inspirations. Polka dots are used in clothes, decorations, accessories and as well as weddings. Polka dots are just plain fun. Whether they are done in one color, two colors, or a whole rainbow, polka dots are always cheerful and never too serious. Here are some fabulous polka dots inspirations for you.

black and white polka dots wedding cakes
black and white polka dots wedding ideas

custom pink  and black polka dots wedding invitations

elegant ivory polka dot wedding decorations and cakes

mint green polka dots bridesmaid dresses

affordable blue polka dots wedding invitations

modern yellow and white polka dots wedding invitations online

polka dots wedding decorations

printable elegant polka dots wedding invitations cheap

red and white polka dots rustic wedding table decorations

vintage black and white polka dots wedding invitations

vintage polka dots  lace short bridesmaid dresses

vintage polka dots wedding cakes and table decorations

yellow and blue polka dots wedding decorations and favors

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Top Unique and Modern Wedding Ideas and Wedding Invitations

You can search many unique and modern wedding ideas on the Internet today and adopt many superb ideas for your big day. However the more people search through popular sites, it no longer becomes an original and unique idea. So today we’d like to introduce some truly new and unique modern wedding ideas and ideas that will also translate well into wedding invitations.  How about taking a favorite novel or film for your inspiration and let it reflect your individual personality.


twilight wedding and invitationstwilight wedding and  wedding invitations

The Vampire Diaries

vampire weddingvampire wedding and invitations

Other film collections

film invitations

Other special requirements

If films simply don’t inspire you then why not tell us what does, such as a Harley Davidson or a vintage airplane. Send us your ideas and we’ll come up with the rest! Feel free to contact us at: invitesweddings2012@gmail.com


personalized invitations

2013 Hot Ribbon Wedding Invitations

Want your invitations to be delicate but affordable? Ribbon wedding invitations can be your chief considerations. With the flexibility of changing color, you can make ribbon invitations the same color as your wedding.

Several warmed colors are gradually becoming the main color in wedding like red, pink and purple. It is no wonder to involve the color to the design of wedding invitations. The following 3 ribbon colors can just show you the huge effect ribbon brings.

Red ribbon invitations and red wedding ideas

red ribbon wedding invitationsred ribbon wedding invitationsPink ribbon invitations and pink wedding ideas

bright pink ribbon wedding invitations bright pink ribbon wedding invitationsPurple ribbon invitations and purple wedding ideas

purple ribbon wedding invitationsSome special ribbon collection

ribbonsThere are also some special ribbon collections to make your invitations different from others. Lace is one of the important factors to make your invitations delicate and elegant.

lace ribbons

lace ribbonsInvitesWeddings provide ribbons in variable colors and in different materials  for you to customize your wedding invitations and the color changing is free of charge. Making your wedding to be yourself and enjoying the ribbon DIY definitely bring you a memorable weeding. If you are interested in ribbon wedding invitations, please click here to view our ribbon wedding invitation collection.

Everything about Fuchsia & Black Themed Weddings

Today’s inspiration board is about fuchsia and black themed weddings. Everyone knows how important role it is for a creative thought to play in a unforgettable wedding. Thus, our aim is to bring you a series of inspired wedding ideas to provide you some inspirations for your big day.

Fuchsia is a bold color. That’s why it is always paired with another dark color to make it stand out. The color combination of fuchsia and black definitely gives you a sophisticated finish to the entire contrast.

Gorgeous pink and black damask place settings

Because fuchsia is a feminine color, it is easy for your bridesmaids to accept this color. However, some grooms and groomsmen don’t want to look too feminine, in that case, simply pin up a fuchsia boutonniere on their black tux.

Fuchsia And Black wedding theme

Fuchsia bridesmaid dress

Fuchsia bridesmaid dresses

Fuchsia And Black boutonnieres

Here are some fuchsia and black wedding bouquets.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding bouquet

Fuchsia & Black Wedding bouquet

 Speaking of fuchsia and black wedding cakes, there are many different options. Here are two of my favorite cakes.

Fuchsia And Black Wedding caket

Fuchsia And Black Wedding cake

With that in mind, you can also design your decor using the same contrast.

Fuchsia And Black table cloth

Fuchsia And Black favor boxes

Fuchsia & Black Wedding decorations

elegant Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor

Black and Hot Pink Damask Chocolate Favors

Fuschia Orchids Centerpieces

Fuchsia And Black wedding guest book

Fuchsia And Black Wedding decor


At least, let me introduce you some of our fabulous fuchsia and black wedding invitations:

Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130Capable White And Black Wedding Invitation IWI130as low as $0.94

Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114Black And White Chandelier Wedding Invitation IWI114as low as $0.94

Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI074 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI162 Fuchsia And Black wedding invitation-IWI220

Modern Wedding Ideas And Invitations

No matter when we spot a modern wedding, we always jump for joy for the crisp, clean design as well as the bold graphic prints. If you are also a modern bride who is planning one heck of wedding, this article is a great place to start, to get inspirations for your weddings. And maybe the best part of modern wedding is that it can easily be planned budget-friendly.

We’ve put together some cool wedding ideas suitable for modern brides. Please enjoy. 

cool bridesmaid ideas

comfortable wedding shoes

modern bridesmaid dresses

modern wedding idea

modern wedding cakes

modern wedding decor

modern wedding ideas

modern wedding photography

modern wedding table decorations

Even if you’re bucking most of the traditions, wedding etiquette can’t be ignored — especially when it comes to the invitations. Modern Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery will make your Wedding day an event to remember forever.

simple modern wedding invites

black modern wedding card

elegant wedding invites

minted modern wedding invite

modern wedding invitations



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