Top 10 Hot Wedding Invitations For 2016 Weddings

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in a couple‘s life. Your invitations are one of the most important elements in your day because they provide guests with crucial information and they set the tone for your wedding ceremony and it sets the expectations as well. They are the first glimpse your guests will receive of this one of the most special day in your lifetime that you and your betrothed are slaving over to create a perfect reflection of your love and commitment.

Here are 10 wedding invitation cards we have choosen for you. See which one is your favorite?

green laser cut wedding invitationsgreen herb wedding invitations no.10

romantic wedding invitations

flowers spring wedding invitations for 2016

rustic wedding invitations2016 mason jar wedding invitations

rustic laser cut invitations

mint green and peach pocket wedding invites2016 chalkboard pocket wedding invitations2016 floral laser cut invitations

2016 Chic Boho Wedding Ideas And Invitations

Boho style has been around for ages, representing free expression and personalization, a feeling of unconventional, gypsy-like decor and eclectic elements. Bohemian weddings can include vintage items any elements that fit an artistic, artisan or hand-crafted feel. There’s some definite style mixing to be crafted here. Let’s get to the boho wedding ideas!

1. Boho Wedding Dresses

floaty-boho-wedding-dress Green-boho-wedding-dress Nude-and-embellished-wedding-dress pink-boho-wedding-dress

Image Credits: onefabday

2. Bridesmaid dresses

boho-Inspired-Wedding-Ideas bridesmaid-dresses Mismatched-Boho-Bridesmaid-Dresses Rustic-Romantic-Lace-Pink-Bohemian-Bridesmaid-Dresses


Image Credits: deerpearlflowers

3. Boho Bridal Hairstyles

Bohemian bridal hairstyles Boho bridal hairstyles dreamy bridal hairstyles romantic Boho bridal hairstyles

Image Credits: deerpearlflowers, magnoliarouge, ruffledblog

4. Wedding Cakes

naked-wedding-cake1 naked-wedding-cake-2 naked-wedding-cake-3 naked-wedding-cake-4

Image Credits: modwedding

5. Wedding Decorations

boho-hanging-catchers boho-rose-entwined-swing boho-Succulent-Corsages-decorations wedding-ideas-boho

Image Credits: popsugar, modwedding

6. Bridal Bouquet

eco-friendly-wildflowers-boho-wedding-bouquet gathered-wildflowers-pastel-boho-wedding-bouquet white-and-blue-wildflowers-wedding-bouquets white-wildflower-bridal-bouquet

Image Credits: deerpearlflowers

7. Boho Wedding Invitations (you can click the image to order them online )



Floral-And-Birds-Boho-Wedding-Invitation-p-IWI306  Spring-Floral-Garden-Wedding-Invitation-p-IWI307



20 Stunning Wedding Decor Ideas For 2015-2016 Rustic Weddings

If you feel like “going back to the origins” and celebrate your wedding in a traditional style, then this post offers you some truly spectacular rustic wedding ideas that you don’t want to miss! You can decorate it just the way you want to! Let’s check them out one by one. :)

1. You can transform easily a standard folding chair into a classic sign of your rustic wedding vision with simple embellishment like burlap and flower in the pic .

rustic wedding ideas

Image Credit: theeverylastdetail

2. This burlap wedding ceremony backdrop can set the tone for your big day and can be a great place to establish the rustic theme of your wedding.

 rustic wedding burlap backdrop ideas

Image Credit: deerpearlflowers 

3. Your walk down the aisle should be memorable and special. Decoring your aisle like the pic below surely adds elegant rustic feel to your wedding.

rustic wedding aisle ideas

Image Credit: deerpearlflowers 

4.  No rustic wedding would be complete without a wedding cake in the same theme. The secret is to add some “rustic element”  into the details of the cake.

wedding cakes for rustic weddings

Image credit: tulleandchantilly

rustic wedding cakes

Image credit: weddingchicks 

5. As the the showcase of any rustic wedding reception, a rustic wedding dessert buffet has recently become the center of attention in the wedding. Check the following two pics for inspirations.

rustic wedding decor inspirations

rustic wedding buffet decor ideas

Image credit: theeverylastdetail  

6.  Some other wedding decoration samples that we heart:

rustic wooden wedding decor ideas

Image credit: weddingchicks 

rustic wooden guest book

Image Credits: weddingchicks  

rustic chalkboard wedding decor inspirations

Image Credits: weddingchicks  

rustic chalkboard wedding idea

Image credit: bridalmusings  

rustic mason jar decor ideas

Image credit: deerpearlflowers 

rustic mason jar light wedding idea

Image credit: sarahhearts 

mason jar decoration ideas

Image credit: botanicalpaperworks

rustic mason jar decor inspirations

Image Credits: weddingchicks 

hanging mason jars ideas

Image Credits: weddingwire 

rustic burlap wedding table number ideas

Image Credit:  planningitall 

rustic mason jar flower decor ideas

Image Credit: weddingchicks 

rustic wedding centerpiece ideas

Image Credit: bridalmusings 

Invitesweddings offer a wide selection of inexpensive rustic wedding invitations for you to choose from. Click here to get into the catergory.

Affordable-Rustic-Lace-Wood-Wedding-Invites-p-IWI311-1 Rustic-Mason-Jars-Love-Wedding-Invites-p-IWI263-1

Rustic-Mason-Jars-Black-Chalkboard-Wedding-Invitations-p-IWI335-1 Simple-Rustic-Sunflower-Mason-Jar-Wedding-Cards-p-IWI339-1

Top 10 Rustic Wedding Invitations for 2014 at


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6 Perfect Wedding Venues for Rustic Country Wedding Ideas

Your wedding venues are best options to give the wedding day a unique atmosphere. If you have decided to have a rustic country theme wedding, which is the hottest wedding theme now, you most importantly need to pay attention to the location and the wedding decorations. Especially if you have an outdoor wedding ceremony, be sure to check the weather. Here are some fabulous wedding venues recommended for rustic country wedding.

1. Backyard Weddings

backyard wedding ideas for country rustic themed weddings Photo Credit:

country rustic outdoor backyard wedding ideas with lights decorations Photo Credit:

2. Lakeside Weddings

country rustic lakeside outdoor wedding ideas with Chinese lanternsPhoto Credit:

country rustic lakeside outdoor wedding ideas with a hint of purplePhoto Credit:

3. Wedding in a Barn

country rustic outdoor wedding ideas with a red barnPhoto Credit:

country rustic barn wedding ideas 2014 trends

4. Farm Weddings

country rustic outdoor wedding on a farm 2014Photo Credit:

outdoor country rustic farm wedding ceremony ideasPhoto Credit:

5. Camp Weddings

camp themed wedding ideas for rustic country outdoor weddingsPhoto Credit:

camp style country rustic outdoor wedding ideasPhoto Credit:

6. Mountain Weddings

romantic country rustic mountain outdoor wedding ideasPhoto Credit:

mountain  themed country rustic outdoor wedding ideas with lights decorationsPhoto Credit:

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Country Fall Wedding InvitesCountry Fall Wedding Invitesas low as $0.94

Country Rustic Wedding InvitesCountry Rustic Wedding Invitesas low as $0.94


DIY Country Rustic Lace Wedding Invitations at

As lace wedding items become more and more popular, recently designed a range of new lace wedding invitations with a high level of customer satisfaction. Let’s have a look at one of their country rustic lace wedding invitations :)

diy country rustic lace wedding invitations

diy lace wedding invitations for country rustic theme weddings

diy rustic country lace wedding invitations

lace wedding invitations diy 2014 trends

diy lace wedding invitations for 2014 country rustic weddings

country rustic lace wedding invitations for 2014 trends

diy rustic country themed lace wedding invitations 2014

DIY lace wedding invitations detailed

2014 diy lace wedding invitations for country rustic wedding ideas

diy lace wedding invitations 2014 trending wedding ideas

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How to Plan a Country Themed Wedding-8 Perfect Ways Recommended

The simplicity of a country wedding makes planning process a huge role. It should take place outdoors in fair weather. A rustic country wedding calls for a planning mindset that stays on track with uncomplicated natural textures and elements that blend with the outdoors. From the ceremony to the reception, here are some tips for you to plan a perfect country rustic theme wedding.
trendy country rustic wedding ideas and invitations

#1. Lights Decorations
Lights everywhere can be just great for the country weddings, and candles will make those better. Have lights or candles in the jars with shephards hooks or in the lantern for your decorations.
mason jars with lights for country rustic wedding decorations
country rustic wedding reception decorations ideas with lights

#2. Country Style Arches
Wedding arches are more and more popular and having a country style arch at the ceremony to witness the couple’s ever happiness.

country rustic wedding arches doors country rustic wedding arches with florals

#3. Mason Jars
Use mason jars to decorate the guests seating and tables, or as vessel to treat guests can add a touch of country rustic feel to the event.
mason jars decorations for country rustic ideas

#4. Wearing Boots
Have the bride or the bridesmaids wearing boots, and also, boots with country flowers can be the perfect table decorations.
country rustic boots and flower table decorations
aqua bridesmaid dresses with boots for country wedding ideas

#5. Sending Country Wedding Invitations
Sending out wedding invitations printed in dark brown lettering on beige paper with weathered edges to indicate the country theme wedding and encourage guests dressing casually.

dandelion country rustic wedding invitations cheap online affordable custom country wedding invitations with floral

shabby chic floral country wedding invitations online cheap country rustic wedding invitations online

Details for Invitations above: top left/top right/bottom left/bottom right

#6. Wedding in/near a Barn
Ideally, a country wedding should take place outdoors in or near a barn. But make sure it is a fair weather day if outside the barn.
country rustic wedding ideas with barns and lights

#7. Wooden Wedding Signs
Have DIY wooden signs and directions around your wedding ceremony and receptions.
wooden signs for country rustic wedding ideas

#8. Wedding Cakes
Wedding cakes play an important role in a wedding, not only the treat but also the decorations.
Having wedding cakes with wooden, burlap or floral decorations really make sense.
wooden and burlap country rustic wedding cakes


For more about Country Wedding Invitations, please click here provides fabulous wedding invitations with great designs, quality papers and affordable price which starts at $0.94, including free shipping, free personalizations for wedding invitation colors, fonts, wordings and even for designs. They’d love to hear from you with any request for wedding stationery at

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