Can you feel the love tonight

In your wedding, your first dance wedding song can tell your guests your story. You and your husband dance in the music. Listening to the lyric, you fall into the past and come to the moment you met. Just like everything was set up, the God arrange your love and you become together.

kiss fall in loveOh, you are still recollecting. The song comes to the highlight, just like your love story. You met many troubles. Your parents strongly disagreed your love. You,two, came to the most tough time. Then, the song slow down. You think of that you overcome all the problems together. And you get the sincerely blessing from your family and friends.

happy in face

Yes, the first wedding song is just like your love story. It tells everyone you love from the start to now. You just prove the power of love to your guests and tell everyone to value their partner.

Here, I recommend Can You Feel the Love Tonight to be your first dance wedding song. Can you feel the love is not only the questions to the couple, but also to everyone attending.

be together forever

Sometimes, even we know the answer to the question. We still want to be told by our partner. Just speak out. Those we love and who loves us will be happy to hear the expression. Announce loudly in your wedding ceremony. Let everyone to witness your love and congratulate you. You can feel you are the happiest one in the word.

Tips regarding your wedding reception songs

To choose wedding reception songs, the most important thing which is make sure the songs you choose are the ones your guests can move to. There are a lot of notes to bear on mind when it comes to select the wedding reception songs. Most wedding reception songs last about four hours or so. You need to prepare around fifteen songs in order to fill with the four hours. It is better for you to compile your list of wedding reception songs by yourself rather than ask for the songs list from the DJ.

Dance on your big dayOn such a brilliant occasion, songs play an important role in rendering atmosphere. As the host, you should ensure the music is appropriate. To avoid any improper choices, you need to know the “do not play” wedding reception songs. It is safe and wise to discuss your wedding reception songs with your DJ a few times before your big day.good music to dance

Wedding reception songs contain first dance songs, cake cutting songs, dinner songs and so on. Wedding reception songs in different genres are needed for different purpose, so you also need to have a mix of fast and slow songs. I also have a great idea for you to choose the wedding reception song which is ask your guests to tell you which song they love to dance to on the response cards for the invitations. It must be effective and considerate. Your guests can provide you many choices, if not enough, you can add some wedding reception song you love personally.

wedding dinner

In order to make sure your guests can enjoy the dinner, you should pay especial attention to the songs which will be played during the reception dinner. Wedding reception dinner is the edible part, so this is really matters. If your guests can enjoy the wedding reception dinner a lot, the wedding reception must be memorable and worthy of praise.

 All in all, plan enough good wedding reception songs in advance for your great wedding reception.

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