Perfect Blue And White Winter Wedding Inspirations

We know that winter can be a magical time to get married. Can you just imagine been surrounded by white fluffy snow, personally we couldn’t think of a more romantic time to say your vows in. This year like every year winter wedding are becoming more popular, but how can you really make your wedding stand out from the crowd. We have the answer right here! A blue and white color scheme! We always see green and red, which are associated with Christmas, but this year we think the focus should be on cool aqua blues, mint greens and pale midnight blues. Here’s a few color palettes we’ve put together to inspire you.

romantic winter snowy weddings ideas &  inspirations winter wedding idea

romantic snowy winter wedding ideas and wedding photography

perfect winter wedding photography inspirations

Blue and white are the main color in winter wedding.

romantic blue and white winter wedding decorations ideas

Cold blue wedding invitations inspirations 

romantic blue winter wedding ideas and invitations blue and white snowy wedding ideas and snowflake wedding invitations blue and white snowflake theme wedding ideas and invitations

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Top 5 Winter Wedding Ideas and Invitations

Are you dreaming of a romantic snowy winter wedding?

winter wedding pictures

It seems like everyone gets married in summer, especially in movies, which unconsciously reinforces us to do and think the same, however, a winter wedding can be just as stunning and spectacular, so if it’s something that you wish to do, make sure you follow that dream and don’t be deterred by others. To help you get prepared here are some tips for you to follow to ensure you capture the perfect winter wonderland wedding.

winter wedding pictures

Choosing Attire for Your Winter Wedding

You can never go wrong with a white dress and a snap wrap to keep you warm. Make sure your maids also have something to cover up in and choose suitable footwear, try to prepare for the worst scenario.

winter wedding images winter wedding images

Winter Wedding Flowers

Choose seasonal blossoms, this will not inly reduce the cost, but will look in tune with your theme. Try sprigs of green holly and blush red berries, it will be the perfect contrast in the snow.

winter wedding flowers winter wedding flowers winter wedding flowers

Featured Winter Wedding Menus

Select food and drinks that will be sure to warm you and your guests through. It will also give the feeling of home and comfort and bring a real sense of cheer to the occasion. Mulled wines and ciders are perfect entrance drinks and hot broths, stews, and hot apple pie are great food ideas to keep everyone happy and toasty.

winter weddings winter weddings

The Décor for Your Winter Wedding

Keep in theme with your season, so think pinecones and Christmas trees use simple motifs that get everyone in the spirit of winter.

winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations winter wedding decorations

Invitations For Winter Weddings

Make sure your color scheme and motifs reflect your wedding, theme and season, there are so many color options you can venture into and stacks of images and motifs to get your claws into. Here are Invites Weddings we offer many winter design solutions, simply contact us for a free consultation or for more information about us and our designs at

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