Fall Wedding Ideas – Pumpkins

There’s no better way to say fall wedding than with a pumpkin. It sums up the style and theme immediately and creates a warming sense for every guest in sight. We love the striking burnt orange color against a stark white dress and the fact that you can actually paint one to your specific color. There’s so many ways to incorporate one into your wedding and what more is it’s a big money saver (if you don’t mind putting some handy work in).

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas

Pumpkin theme Weddings fall

fall pumpkin rutic wedding photo ideas2

fall pumpkin wedding photo ideas

If your budget is tight, then why not have your maids carry pumpkins or at least for a sneaky photo, we love this style above and love how the bride has carefully selected blooms to work with the pumpkins.

Tip: Make sure you scoop out the pumpkin to make them lighter or buy mini pumpkins to ensure your maids don’t end up with a bad back.

romantic fall pumpkin rustic wedding ceremony

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall pumpkin rutic wedding decoration ideas

fall wedding shoot ideas pumpkin

If you don’t want anyone carrying a pumpkin then why not just take a few photos in the farmers field, this really does say ‘fall’ and ‘rustic’.

fall pumpkin rutic wedding table setting ideasfall pumpkin rutic wedding dessert and drink ideas

Pumpkin-Wedding ideas fall & invitations

Be quirky and imaginative with your styling and make clever use of any spare bits of pumpkin, they really can just about decorate anywhere, candle, cakes, flower and beer holders and lastly why not have your wedding invitations designed with a special pumpkin motif invites weddings already have a great selection for you to choose from, but if you have your own ideas, simply contact us for a free consultation and we’ll set about making the perfect invitations for you. For more details, just contact us via invitesweddings2012@gmail.com.

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