I Bet You’ll Laugh When You See The Funny Wedding Cake

Add something to make your wedding fun?Yes, why not. Plenty of funny wedding cakes are there waiting for you to choose. When the guests are gathering together to make all the guests laugh.

First one I am wondering how did the chief got the idea to make  such a cake. The bride and the groom are in danger because they are standing on the top of the cake and there are people who want to let them fall down from the top. Every  floor has different cute dolls.It might have good meaning but it is funny enough. On the bottom floor there is a plane crash. Who can tell me what happened in this story.Funny wedding cake

The groom is saving the bride from deep of the wedding cake. She fell down in the cake like in the frozen lake. For a theme of Halloween wedding for example. I am nervous. Can he save his bride successfully? Best wishes to them…It is a really good idea to make such a wedding cake.

cool wedding cake

I guess idea of this cake is from the movie “Mr.Smith&Mrs.Smith”. The bride and the groom are holding a gun. The bride is really handsome wearing the handsome short wedding dress. It is suitable for a theme wedding. If the Bride and the groom are crazy for movies they can really considering a cake like this. They will fight together because they are partners from their wedding day on.No matter what kind of difficulties they will come across in the day to come they will face together and think out ways to solve the problem. Topper can be changed to other movie stories.

funny wedding cake

Sexy topper of the wedding cake. You will understand it the time you see it. Don’t let the kids see the cake topper. It is better to prepare some other cakes for the kids.

funny wedding cake

After watching so many interesting wedding cakes I am already hungry. But we still need to see more.Lol. Next one is similar to the one above. Only different is that you have to go around to the back of the cake you can see what is interesting.They are touch each other’s…You know. Couples who want such a wedding cake should be brave enough and humorous enough.

wedding cake toppers funny

Can you figure out what it means on this wedding cake?This is from a maths teacher’s wedding. I just want to say that geeks are geeks.Geeks are everywhere.Funny wedding cake

I hope you already have got a clue of what kind of wedding cake you want.



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