Top Romantic Lavender Infused Wedding Ideas and Invitations

Lavender symbolizes love and loyalty and thus is a perfect choice for weddings. Carrying lavender on your big day was once thought to ensure a long, happy marriage and is a great choice for those wanting something traditional in their big day. Not only is it a traditional color, but it also looks great with a stunning white dress and can be a great cheaper alternative for your bouquets.

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Lavender works wonderfully in a bouquet on its own or mixed with green or white mini flowers. Lace and white cotton are great ways to bind your bouquets together and why not use some additional lavender into a head wreath to complete the ethereal look.

romantic lavendar wedding bouquet ideas lavendar wedding inspirations

Lavender can be used to decorate every part of your wedding from table-top decorations to wedding favors. We also know that scents give us strong memories, so why not scatter lavender around tables to give a gorgeous aroma on the day; guests will automatically remember your wedding at the sniff of the lovely purple buds.

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If you don’t want to go overboard with floral decorations, why not add a touch of lavender color into the wedding with some colorful macaroons and cakes.

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….and don’t forget to include your pretty flower girls.

Here are some wedding invitations from our design team that we feel will work fantastic with the above theme. For more information or more design ideas please contact us at

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