Everything About Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Royal blue is a gorgeous deep color that evokes images of sprawling oceans, beautiful lakes or even royalty. This article tells you how you can use royal blue in your wedding can help create the perfect special day you have been planning. Attire While brides traditional choice is a white wedding gown, you can use a necklace decorated with a royal blue sapphire stone to add some color or wear sapphire earrings. Another brilliant idea is to have a royal blue satin sash around the waist to accent a white dress. Bri

desmaids can wear royal blue dresses and have white flowers or hairpieces.

beach royal blue bridesmaid dressess_1

royal blue bridesmaid dresses

royal blue wedidng gown

royal blue wedding dress

Decor There are hundreds of centerpiece ideas that can utilize royal color beautifully. For instance, you can choose a floating candle centerpiece and fill a glass bowl with water and add three or four drops of blue food coloring to make the water in royal blue. Then top it off with white floating candle tea lights. You can also do royal blue tablecloths in this case.

royal blue weddings

Flowers You are suggested to decorate your wedding floral motifs with royal blue. Some flowers are naturally royal blue, such as orchids or hibiscus flowers. Some aren’t blue but can be dyed royal blue, such as roses and carnations.

royal blue wedding bouquets

royal blue wedding bouquet

Cake Your cake can be included to match your royal blue idea as well.

royal blue wedding cakes

flower royal blue wedding cake

Shoes I do love the idea of royal blue wedding shoes… it’s a thought! Take care of the "something blue".

royal blue bridal shoes

elegant royal blue wedding shoes

royal blue wedding shoes

Invitations Here are some royal blue wedding invitations that invitesweddings offer.

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