How Much Does a Wedding for 20 People Cost?


A wedding is a holiday that happens once and that you want to remember for a lifetime. And, of course, many of us have a perfect picture of how things should happen on this day. Some people prefer luxurious holidays with a crowd of guests. Some prefer small weddings in a circle of close people. We will talk about such weddings - small and cozy, but no less important than large ones. Consider two options: a wedding at home and a wedding in a community center.

Wedding At Home

Even if you are a catering professional, cooking for your own wedding is not something a bride should do. You can make sandwiches, fruit and vegetable platters, but nothing more. It is better to leave this matter to professionals.

Wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony will cost you about $600. The amount may be higher, depending on which rings you have chosen.

The license and officiant will cost $300.


Most likely, there are things that, one way or another, you will have to rent- for example, ceremonial chairs or a cake table. On average, renting the necessary things will cost about $230.

  • Ceremony chairs $60
  • Dining tables & chairs $110
  • Cake table $10
  • Tablecloths & napkins $50

Food and drinks

The cost of food and drinks is challenging to predict, it all depends on your taste. But, on average, for 20 people, it will cost about $825.

  • Food order ($25 x 20 people) $500
  • Drinks $200
  • Wedding Cake $125

Additional Expenses

For additional expenses, it is worth setting aside about $ 3,000. The following list of no less necessary things for a wedding can come out more expensive or cheaper. Perhaps you want a more expensive dress, or your sister is a professional photographer who agreed to give you a discount.

  • Photographer $1600
  • Centerpieces $100
  • Invitations $50
  • Wedding Clothes $1000
  • Bouquet & Boutonnière $225

Final cost - $4,630.

Wedding By Going Out to a Community Center

If you want a wedding with dinner, then you can rent a room at a local community center or conference room. Of course, you will still have to spend money on wedding attributes, but you can save a little on food and drinks.

Wedding Ceremony

  • License & Officiant $300
  • Wedding Rings $300


  • Room rental fee $1,200

Food and Drinks

  • Catering $1,375
  • Bar Package $500
  • Wedding Cake $150

Wedding Vendors

  • Photographer $1,600
  • DJ $650

Additional Expenses

  • Centerpieces $150
  • Favors $50
  • Invitations $75
  • Wedding Clothes $1,500
  • Bouquet & Boutonnière $275

Final cost - $8,125.

If the amount still seems big to you, don't worry. There are several ways to save money and not sacrifice the beauty of your wedding.

Consider Replacing Pros

Maybe your friend knows how to do hair, and your brother is good at taking photos. You can ask them to act as your makeup artist and photographer. Make sure they do it well to avoid fights during the wedding and spoiling the party.

Look Into Suburban Venues

In a city, a wedding, one way or another, will cost you more. So take a closer look at suburban venues: they are no worse and provide the same services but at a much lower price.

Seek an Off-peak Season

The summer ceremony is undoubtedly beautiful, but the winter ceremony can be just as good. Ceremonial halls and photographers offer lower prices during the off-peak season due to lower demand. So think, maybe a wedding in January or February is exactly what you need.

Move the Special Day

This is also about demand. Of course, Saturday is the peak day for the holiday, which comes with higher prices. In addition, it can be difficult to book a place you like due to a large queue of applicants. You can save money by scheduling your big day on a Sunday or weekday unless it falls on a popular holiday.


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